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Happy New Year!!!

Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve.  
Middle age is when you're forced to! - Bill Vaughn

You heard me... in 21 weeks.. it will be 2014.. WHERE is the year going?!?!

If you lost 1 lb a week by the time New Years Eve hits us.. you would be 1.5 stone lighter... think about it... nearly two dress sizes... 

and if you lost 2 lb a week... you would be 3 stone lighter.. THREE stone!!! 

My mojo has been completely restored.. getting over that last hurdle ... I think finally getting that last stone has spurred me on! 

So .. theres a challenge on the horizon in the next few weeks for anyone wanting to join in ... but this week... look at the bigger picture .. having another stone and a half off by New years would certainly be a lovely way to start 2014! 

Mr.Q started his journey in August and was 3 stone lighter by Christmas! So it can be done... if you want it badly enough! 

Doll x

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