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This week - Why are you here?

Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we didn't spend half our time wishing - Alexander Woollcott

This weeks meeting was packed.. jammers.. full till the lads had to all stand down the back as we ran out of seats.. and, appropriately, it was all about motivation.. you could smell it in the room! The class weigh loss was over 7 stone!!!! That's a whole person! and after all the rewards were dished out.. we were asked one question... Why are you here? Why did you leave your cosy homes on a dark cold January night to sit in a cold school hall and confess your weakness to food?

There are many reasons why people follow weight watchers... some of the members had had the 'talk' with a doctor which gave them the kick up the pants they needed.. there are 4 brides in the class who have fittings and dresses to get into... their entourage all want to look lovely on the big day... some are aiming at summer holidays, some want to get pregnant and want to be healthier mums... some just need the weekly check in to stay on track... some want to look amazing for the summer and are just sick of feeling lethargic and bblllaaahhhhh!

but what happens when the motivation wanes... week 4.. 5... motivation can evaporate so easily unless you have your goals set out... so allow me to refer you to this...


Even doing one of these .. can keep you on the straight an narrow...

It's not a race.. its a journey.. and everyone is going at a different pace.. and on their own path... we're all going in the same direction but the trick is to keep going and not lose momentum! We're all in it this lardy boat together! Doll x


  1. I am losing weight to STAY healthy:) I love this post:)

  2. Hi there doll. I've done WW in the past, alongside slimming world, but at the time funnily enough I had nothing to lose. I've since gained plenty of curves. Last year I lost around 1.5 stones by taking up exercise and aiming for eating healthier. I've got plenty more to lose but 2012 has so far been great. X


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