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PPPOTD - Push up bras...

As a savoury gal, crisps are my favourite things on the planet! Cheese n' onion! Salt n' vinegar... Balsamic vinegar... buffalo.. I swear I'm salivating as I type... They are my ProPoint downfall... I could live in Cadburys and not be bothered by the rivers of chocolate... but put me in the Walkers factory and you would never see me again! (If I go missing you know where I am!)

I do have tactics to distract me from them.. hummus and crackers, Vegemite and melba toasts.. Laughing cow dunkits... and these tricks do work but there are just times when the crunch and the flavour make me grab a bag...

WW sent me these to try out and report back (note - I didn't share these like the crossiants!) ... Chicken Flavour crisps.. they are very nice! Quite moreish so a six pack might not be the way forward .. but they will be available at meetings too.. so you can grab a bag and not feel so guilty.. considering most of the nice crisps (and you know the ones I mean!) are at lest 5 or 6 ProPoints .. these are quite a saving at 2 ProPoints per bag...

Although as with all good crisps... when you open the bag its half full! Now I know how guys feel about push-up bras!!!

Doll x


  1. OMG Walkers Cheese and absolute favorite! It's a good job I can't get them over here.
    And if the WW crisps taste like Walkers, then I really hope they don't sell them over here!!!!!

  2. Ohhh they look tasty! Hope they come to my meeting soon :) lol @ push up bra comment!

  3. Funny funny Doll enjoying your column


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