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PPPOTD - Crème fraiche

Crème fraiche is a secret weapon in the weight loss pantry! The fact that its so diverse makes this a must have... got a sweet tooth... add low cal sugar and you've got a creamy topping for a dessert, add jelly, you can make mousse... savoury? add curry powder and spices, you've got a virtually fat free sauce, its great with pasta with herbs ... soups, starters, desserts... its one to have in the fridge for all occasions... If you like to add cream to when your cooking, want to get fancy with a punnet of strawberries, get creamy mash or make a garlic dip the point saving is amazing compared to cream ...

Cream, double x 1 tbsp = 2 pp
Cream, half-fat/single x 1 tbsp = 1 pp

Here's a couple I found in the supermarket (note: The Tesco Half-fat version tastes exactly the same as the full fat one with equal consistancy)... The ProPoint values below are for 100g which is LOADS, a normal serving is 15g so as you can see it would be minimal for some of them...

Yoplait Crème fraiche 100g = 8 ProPoints

Glenish Crème fraiche 100g = 6 ProPoints

Tesco Crème fraiche 100g = 8 ProPoints

Tesco Half Fat Crème fraiche 100g = 5 ProPoints

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