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PPPOTD - A lunchtime quickie!

Now really! Its not that kinda blog!! Saucy!

This time of year is full of salads and outdoor dining .. now we all know the salad part is easy but you don't always have protein prepared ... here are some ready made packs out there, just open and sprinkle on your salad and dress .. or if you have friends coming over and want to whip up a quick meal... they can be added to pasta with some creme fraiche and veg it up! Low in ProPoint value these are always a good back up in the fridge!

Doll x

Chilli Beef - 3 Propoints per 100g

Bacon Topped Chicken - 5 ProPoints per 100g

Chicken Tikka - 3 ProPoints per 100g

Chicken Tikka - 3 ProPoints

BBQ Chicken 3 ProPoints per 100g

Don't forget the ProPoints for croutons and dressing!! Doll x

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  1. I wont lie, I giggled like a schoolgirl when I read the title!


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