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Life is a catwalk...

One of my new years quests (there's no resolutions to see here.. step away.. step away..) was to "put it about" a bit more ;-) .. all those in the gutter please REMOVE yourselves! The reverb10 experiment made me realise how I've hidden away from the world and how much I badly need to get back out there.. so.. tonight .. I'm off to book club... and ALREADY (this actually started last night with a full scale fashion show!), I'm realising how self-conscious I've become... I watch EVERYONE! Its actually getting kinda tiring! I'm constantly worried that my top isn't long enough to cover my enormous belly, I rarely go out of my comfort zone fashion wise.. once I realise something works.. I stick with it.. also the fact that I've got so many clothes that just don't fit me... they hang there gazing at me... TAUNTING me! Well tonight.. its slap on a bit of lippy and hit the pub, on a school night I KNOW!!! I want to look stylish.. and I want to wear cute boots with heels... I'm NOT this self-conscious person I've become.. I'm outgoing and happy with who I am.... This fat chick is drowning me and I gotta show her who's boss! Whatever it takes to kick this butt into gear has to be done.. my actions are of a person who just doesn't care.. but I'm more conscious of my body than ever.. I think about weight and diets and points constantly but act like I can't be bothered to change... 2011.. can you hear me!?!?!?


  1. really great post! So how are you doing??

  2. Wow, doll, that is exactly how I'm feeling. I waited until a quarter into the new year instead of starting at the beginning like you. Well, waited 15 years and a quarter of the year :) I love your blog and will be checking up on it more! Thanks for the inspiration and delighted to see you doing so well!


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