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My path is blocked...

My path to contentment that is.... and I always thought it would be blocked by food... turns out my state of mind is holding the stop sign! There have been times when I've felt short changed by my weight problem, craving to be skinny in the misguided belief that once I was skinny I'd be happy.... sheesh! I read recently about a lottery winner in the UK who actually won the lottery twice and both times it ruined his life! (Seriously, I wouldn't mind trying it once though!!!) Happiness is as much about the attitude we bring to our lives as what happens in it.... The main cause for me being miserable ... isn't the situation... but my attitude towards it! Time to banish thoughts of "what ifs".. and "whens".. and make peace with what I do have... a loving family, great friends, a beautiful home, a sense of humour and interesting work ... time to focus on my health to improve an already great life. Time to stop pinning everything on BIG events.. "when i lose weight ... life will start!" .. time to start taking pleasure out of everyday and live life today in the now. Time to stop comparing myself to others and make peace with it all. Doll x

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