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Is it time to do what the skinny people do?

Maybe this is where I'm going wrong? Maybe I should be following the skinnies... clearly the path I've taken hasn't worked!! Skinny people eat lots of fruit, fish, veg poultry - Asians for example. Dancers and athletes keep moving! Our grandparents had less TV, no computers(!) no fast food, no PROCESSED food and no diets! Just three meals a day and spent their time outside enjoying the world. Vegans are skinny ... they eat raw... I mean ANIMALS aren't overweight! They know when to stop! and only eat whats good for them! Its not complicated, its not a big deal, its not torturous.. just stop worrying about getting fat and start eating REAL food. Today I'm clearing out the pantry... and tonight for dinner I'm going to take care of my body and only put into it whats good for it.. not what my fat is making me crave for! My body is worth it and I deserve it. I'm taking it slowly step by step... one new habit at a time until it comes naturally. Then the next habit... I'll get there... I just know it.
Doll x

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