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I'm doing some research on how to get that "feel good" effect .. you know those endorphins that go racing about and make you feel fabulous dahhhhling!!! I've so far narrowed it down to 5 things...

1. I find when I think about someone I love/like/admire I just can't help but smile.. and it really does work... this also works when I'm DOING something I love.... I find that when I'm working on a project that I love... my attitude to EVERYTHING changes.. if I focus on positive things and people everyday.. I start to lead a positive life.. it kinda snowballs...

2. TAKE A NAP - now I was never a big fan the NAP... even back in the 80s when they were all about resting your shoulder pads! BUT I'm finding that even 5 minutes just breathing and closing my eyes seem to be enough to set my frame of mind back on track! try it!

3. I hate repeating it.. but damn it it works.. flippin exercise!!! try it.. leave the house ... walk out the door and walk for 10 minutes... then turn around and walk back... you'll feel so much better... sigh.. don't you hate it when mother is always right!!!

4. Get back to nature... now we can't all start playing Tarzan and Jane.. but even 5 minutes in the garden... OUTSIDE!!! can reset your brain from frazzle to dazzle! Have lunch in the park tomorrow.. you'll notice a huge difference in your afternoon.. its like its meant to be!

5. (AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!) Give yourself a break... treat yourself well and your body will thank you for it. Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on caring for others and everyone elses' needs that we neglect ourselves .. if you're always putting yourself last.. then you're always going to feel like you can never win the race... do it for you!

Now let those endorphins work baby!!!

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