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Skinny Slaw from M&S

Anyone else hanging onto the summer with all of their might?! I hate autumn and winter... like full on proper hate so I'm wearing my flip flops in the house and keeping the summer going for as long as I can! 'Skinny Slaws' spotted in M&S the other day and I thought I'd share... I hope we get an indian summer!!! x

M&S Skinny Slaw - Coconut, butternut & broccoli with cranberries
per 70g portion - 3SP 
per 210g tub - 10SP

M&S Skinny Slaw - Beetroot, apple & pink cabbage with horseradish
per 70g portion - 3SP
per 210g tub - 8SP

M&S Skinny Slaw - Lightly pickled cucumber carrots & spring onion
with Korean chilli
per 70g portion - 3SP 
per 210g tub - 8SP

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  1. Just Googled smart points and found your blog! Thanks for it and all the info on food! Will follow it now!
    Denise x


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