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My Cuppa from Alpro...

Spotted in Tesco, Alpro MyCuppa ... specifically for your cuppa! I must admit I'm not a fan of the soy milk in my tea, love it in porridge but just can't get past it for my tea or coffee... Anyone tried it out? As someone who likes milky tea and lattes, I'm very tempted! x

Alpro, My Cuppa plant based milk - 
up to 70mls - 1SP
up to 120mls - 2SP


  1. I should try this. I love milky tea and lattes like you and hate soy as the flavors spoilt the taste. I might try this out. Will let you know.

  2. That's a cool find. Would love to try.

  3. Hi, I have tried this and my god it's amazing. I love my cup of tea first thing in the morning and when I got an intolerance test done, turns out dairy products and flipping oats, porridge every morning thought I was so healthy. Anyway this is great, proper cup of tea, highly recommend it just experimenting now with some baking see how it works.


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