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Simply Better Salads from Dunnes...

I'm still clinging onto summer, I don't care what the weather person is saying, salads are still on the menu in my house! I was in Dunnes doing the 'big shop' this week (btw I didn't spy the new Ballymaloe balsamic dressing everyones on about, anyone spotted it yet?) however I did spot these... a lovely range of ready made salady bits that you might not make at home but fancy somethign to jazz up the lettuce and tomatoes you do have! I've done the points for the full tub, a third of the tub and for a 50g portion (note: the tubs are not all the same size!) Anyone tried them out? The beetroot one looks like something I'd love! x 

Simply Better, Soy & Ginger Irish broccoli, cucumber & edamame bean salad
50g - 1SP
55g (one third of the tub) - 1SP
165g tub - 3SP

Simply Better, Honey & Lemon Couscous with roasted vegetables & greek feta salad
50g - 3SP
77g (one third of the tub) - 4SP
230g tub - 12SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Honey Bulgar Wheat, Irish Spinach & Roasted Veg salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 8SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Honey Irish Beetroot & Grain Salad
50g - 1SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 2SP
250g tub - 7SP

Simply Better, Dukkah-Spiced Roast Irish Cauliflower Salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 10SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Mint Tabbouleh & Greek Feta Salad
50g - 2SP
75g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
220g tub - 7SP

Simply Better, Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomatoes & Basil Pesto
50g - 3SP
58g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
(60g brings it up to 4SP)
175g tub - 10SP

Simply Better, Lime & Mint Mixed Bean, Quinoa & Kale Salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 9SP

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