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Chef Tomato ketchup...

I know a few eye roll at these kinda posts but if you're watching your sugar intake or the amount of salt in your diet, it's kinda handy to know there's brands out there who have different versions of products you like! I'm a huge Chef Tomato Sauce, I'd go as far as to say a Chef Sauce Snob! So when I spot these I buy them to have in the cupboard... SmartPoints wise you're not going yo break the back with either ... Anyone else a fan? Can we start a Club? x

AND made in Ireland and you all know how I love to shop local! 

Chef 50% less sugar & 25% less salt Tomato Ketchup
15g - 1SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 2SP

Chef 60% less sugar & 50% less salt Tomato Ketchup with Stevia
15g - 0SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 1SP

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