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Mama Nagi Indian Range

Some of the Mama Nagi range spotted in my local Supervalu... you all know I love supporting local Irish products! There's more over on their website and you can buy the products online too... If there's something you really want to try from companies like these, always ask the manager in your local Supervalu and they'll get it in for you... Don't ask... don't get! The portions of paste are added to natural yoghurt so if you're keeping the points low your 0% fat free would be the way to go for a really low SP dip or marinade... NOTE: the HOT Punjabi paste portion size is 5g so clearly for the brave amongst us... definitely not me! Anyone given them a go?

Mama Nagi's Bengali Sweet Chilli Paste - Sweet & Spicy
per 20g - 3SP
per 100g tub - 16SP

Mama Nagi's Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste - Super Spicy
per 20g - 3SP
per 5g portion - 1SP
per 100g tub - 15SP

Mama Nagi's Keralan Coconut Chilli Paste - Mildly Spiced
per 20g - 4SP
per 100g tub - 20SP

Mama Nagi's Goan Hot Tomato Cook in Sauce
per 350g jar - 4SP
per 175g (half jar) - 2SP

Mama Nagi's Kashmiri Fruity Tomato Cook in Sauce
per 350g jar - 15SP
per 175g (half jar) - 8SP

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