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You all know how I champion Irish products on here and these nourishing lunch bowls from Fiid are super handy to have in the cupboard! You'll find them in SuperValu with all the other products in the Food Academy! I've done the SPs for half portions too if you wanted to bulk it out with veggies or free protein... I've only tried the Italian ragu one and I'll definitely be purchasing it again... Vegan friendly... AND both gluten and dairy free! 

anyone else tried them out?

Fiid Be Better - Hearty Moroccan Chickpea Tagine
per 200g - 4SP
per 400g pouch - 8SP

Fiid Be Better - Italian Sundried Tomato & lentil Ragu
per 200g - 3SP
per 400g pouch - 7SP

Fiid Be Better - Smoky Mexican Black Bean Chilli
per 200g portion - 5SP
per 400g pouch - 10SP

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