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Don't stop...

We've all done it... got into the dress, made the communion pics better, got into that next stone bracket and then clapped ourselves on the back and marched off into the sunset thinking 'sure I'm brilliant at this weight loss lark!' Most people I know on this journey me included, never stand back and applaud ourselves... I'll never be a size 10 and I'm perfectly ok with that... but there are days when you're a bit stumped and you think 'feck it I'm never even going to make it to a size 18!' and we can't just be proud of how far we have come already... we should be! Today stand a little taller and remember where you were at the start line, even if the start line happened this morning... you've got plans, you're feeling positive about you, be proud that you're a mum, a great driver, a funny and fabulous friend... be proud of you! 

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