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Who is up for some shots?!

Spotted these in Tesco in the dried fruit section, 60c per 'shot'... For those who love nuts and miss them, these might be something to try out! There's 25g in each shot, so already portioned out for you but you could sprinkle half over your porridge and spread it out over a couple of days or if you aren't a choccie fan, these are lower in SPs than a curly wurly! Anyone tried them out yet? 


Whitworths Shots, Orange & chocolate seed, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, raisin & chocolate, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, toffee & pecan, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, date & toasted almond, per 25g pack - 4SP 

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  1. I've tried the toffee and pecan and the raisin and chocolate and they're lush!


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