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What are you really scared of?

Anyone else have a ridiculous fear of failing dominate their life? I've always been terrified of letting people down, disappointing my family, letting my teachers down, failure was not an option and I have lived in fear for years now because of it... But what am I really scared of? Being up this week? No. Not being in a bikini this summer? Technically never gonna happen but that doesn't make me scared. I'm most scared that this time next year I'll be feeling exactly like I do right now... That would be a massive failure for me... I've always said this journey is all about the baby steps... and it is, half a pound loss is a victory for me... Even staying the same some weeks is a success and whilst I'll never be 'skinny' I really just want to be healthy and happy in my own skin... Making the baby steps every day to do that is a success... So what if you had a blow out this weekend... Life is there to be lived but we've a clean slate with each decision to start again... 

One bad meal didn't make me fat... bad habits, emotional eating and my bodies chemistry have ganged up on me and made me miserable but I can change that with every choice I make today... 

'this time next year Rodney eh?'

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