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So, this one time, on FaceBook...

Let me just start this post by saying I am in loads of groups on Facebook (probably too many!)... Big groups with thousands of members, smaller groups with only 30 members, I'm in Slimming World groups, Weight Watchers groups, keep fit groups, cake baking groups (I see the irony here but if you follow me on twitter you'll know my love for GBBO!) .. and I love them all... I don't engage with any drama, it's usually pretty pointless, but the motivation and tips you pick up in there is gold! 

We're nearly a month into 2018 and this is the time of the year when the doubt sets in... when the 'it's not working for me...' posts appear... and I get it, I totally do... new plans are hard and some people just don't like change... if it was a one plan fit all we'd all be fit as fiddles! I can't do No Count, I really think most of it is in my head but it was the same with Slimming World... just not for me... If I had my way ProPoints would be the plan for life for everyone! It was a fantastic plan but you gotta roll with the times and I totally understand how bad sugar is in our diets and SmartPoints really opens your eyes to just how much sugar there is hidden in products on the shelf...

However, last week (when I was having a bit of a downer, I went into some of the groups to try to get revved up again...) and I found a post by a member and it just made me both sad and mad! Now I'm not about naming or shaming but the post went something like this... 

I'm a week in. I weigh in tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. 
If I didn't lose weight I'll be so disappointed. 
I feel great! I have more energy, my brain fog has lifted 
and my stomach feels better 
but I'll be gutted if I didn't lose anything... 

Now, I have no idea how much weight this member has to lose, I don't know when she started her journey, it was her first week on Flex but the pressure she put on herself for a number on a scales just made me angry and sad in equal measures... she feels great, she has more energy, the brain fog has lifted (I'd kill for that right now!) and all this in a week... I'm jealous! 100% jealous! Don't get me wrong this number is important to some people but the one bad thing which hadn't even happened yet, outweighed all the good stuff! But it made me realise just how much pressure we put on the number on the scales... yes, it's lovely to see that number coming down... but the weeks I really focus on water, my skin is so good... and I might be weeing like a race horse (TMI I know but ya get it all in here!) but I do feel so much better... in the summer when I practically live on salads, I really notice how less bloated I am... all of these are reminders off how our body is feeling and isn't that the main thing, we feel better in our own skin? So, if the number isn't what you wanted to see, think about how you're feeling... we all lose weight at a different rate, we're all unique... Don't worry about the people losing 5lbs a week... it's great for them, but they're not you! This week, maybe focus on the other stuff, how is your skin? Have you got more energy? Has the brain fog lifted? Are you walking a bit faster? Did you make it up the stairs without the paramedics? Because it's all of these things that make up your journey, not just the number on the scales... x


  1. Ohhh this is so spot on! In our class last week, our Leader, Siobhan talked about the way we handle a situation that we don't like.... and this is just that sort of thing - setting yourself up with a number in mind and then not loosing that much is a killer, yet we all do it. I wanted to lose 2.5lbs last week - it would have got the last of my xmas gain off and got me to my next silver 7... I lost 1.5lbs... I should have been delighted, I'd run my second park run that week, knocked 5 minutes off the previous week's time, my skin looked brilliant and I had some Ben & Jerry's at home for my treat... but immediate thought was a negative one when I came off those scales. Thankfully, staying to the very apt talk last week made me realise I could chose how to view, so I went with the positives and as a result I didn't stop at Lidl on the way home and buy a large chocolate chip cookie (which I was contemplating as I stepped off the scales) and I have had a really good week so far this week. Sorry to ramble! Simmi xx

    1. This is exactly the place to rant and ramble! All rambles welcome... makes me sound more normal! LOL x


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