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You were... we all were... but sometimes we're afraid...

We're afraid of what others will think, we're fearful of having 'notions', ' ideas above our station' we wait for the 'who does she think she is?!?!' brigade to chime in... but you know what, why not shine? Who are you hurting by being you? And why not be the best version of ourselves we can be? If people don't like it they can just look away... they can walk off into the sunset and just let the sparklers amongst us shine! So what if you're not at goal, you'll get there...  it's your journey and if someone can't support you then teach them to scroll on by and you be the bestest version of you this week!

So, stand up straight, shoulders back, slap on your fav lippy and give two fingers to anyone who doesn't like it today! You're all feckin' gorgeous!

Now lets get out there & sparkle! 


  1. Nothing like a positive motivational speech on a grey December day :)

  2. You are such an inspiring person. YKeep inspiring. You remind me of a brand that resonates with you. Maybe you guys should work together


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