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It IS painful...

For some people, heading off to the park in the morning for a 5k run is completely normal and a pleasure... for more of us it's a feeling of pure dread... It starts in the bedroom before you even get out of bed, stay with me on this... 

WHAT am I going to wear? I need something that will cover me up but I won't sweat so much that someone called the paramedics! Is it raining? Maybe I shouldn't bother going? I'll go tomorrow... What shoes are comfy? Did I break-in that new pair I got two years ago enough that I won't get a blister if I wear them now? Will people be blinded by the bright pink because these trainers have never been outside my house before? I better bring some water and I'll bring some for the car too! Coat or no coat? That sweaty thing again... no make up.. ABSOLUTELY NONE... but of course the second you don't put on a lash of mascara it's like a school reunion! Water proof mascara... yep... at least I'll look like I have two eyes... Right... where will I go? Where's got a car park? (Don't say you haven't thought it too!?) ... and not TOO busy... I don't want to say good morning to the world whilst they think 'she'll be a while stomping around here losing all that fat!' but not too quiet that there's not someone around to call an ambulance! Will I need a scarf, I'll probably die of over heating but people will stare at me if I don't wear a scarf...' The location is set and off you go... you get there... you do your walk and you feel great... So what if it was 10 mins round and back... so what if you had to stop on the way round, WHY do you think the seats are there?!?! What if everyone just stares at me? No one will stare at you, they're all too busy walking themselves... no one will mention your weight... You may be breathless and you had to stop twice ... but you did it... now tomorrow we'll aim to only stop once!

That my friends is how you start... you go through the mind games and that's all they are MIND GAMES... You LEAVE the house and one foot in front of the other you do your first walk... and tomorrow you will do it again... when I first started walking I left my house in the dark of night and walked for 10 mins... and I HAD to walk home I wouldn't dare call someone to come get me I'd be mortified! 20 mins of walking done! Yes, it did hurt... I was carrying three people on my joints... I was tired... I did get blisters and it was sore but soon 10 mins became 15 mins and I realised I was much further from the house that I'd been the previous week... I could walk to get the paper and back... NOTE: ONLY bring enough money for the paper!  You will be surprised at how quickly you progress... last year I did the mini marathon... I had done it years ago and honestly never thought I would do it again... so it can be done... those aches and pains are worth the results... take that first baby step today as painful as it might be... x


  1. You've actually convinced me to do some exercise today, which is no easy feat... Should definitely swing by here more often!

  2. Hi Doll, thanks for the encouragement to get moving again. It have been hard to get back to it after the holidays and I feel like I'm in the film 'Groundhog Day' at the moment :) A lot of pain, hurt and exhausting times have been had but hope for some help soon so it will get easier. Do you spring is on it's way ? Take care x


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