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Granola and muesli get a bad rap on SmartPoints because they're have a lot of dried fruit... If I'm not having porridge in the morning, I like a bit of fruit and yoghurt...
With fruit being 0SP I like to spend the points on a bit of crunch in the morning! I've tried the 'Just Honey' version of this brand and it's really nice! 2SP for a 15g tbsp adds a bit of crunch to a breakkie that can get a bit dull... 

This range is Irish and handmade in Galway, you'll find it in SuperValu! 


Bowl-a-Granola, Honey & Ginger
per 45g serv - 7SP

per 45g serv - 6SP

Bowl-a-Granola, Honey & Cinnamon
per 45g serv - 7SP

Bowl-a-Granola, Just Honey, Honey!
per 45g serv - 7SP
per 15g - 2SP

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