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Festive treats...

A few other festive treats you might be tempted with when visiting the relations!


Cadbury Festive Flake cakes
per 25g cake - 6SP

Cadbury Festive Mini Yule logs
per 27g Yulelog - 6SP

Cadbury Festive Cake Bars
per 30g cake bar - 7SP

Cadbury Festive Rudolph cakes 
per 30g cake - 7SP

Lindt Christmas Teddy Bears
 per 10g bear - 3SP
per 50g pack - 14SP

per 3 triangles (20g) - 6SP
per 60g pack - 17SP

Rose Confectionary 'Rudolph's Red Noses' Strawberry popcorn
per 100g tub - 17SP

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