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A 'LIDL' bit of Christmas!

Lots and lots of Christmas goodies in Lidl, it's a long post!


Snowy Lodge, Luxury Mince Pies
per 66g pie - 11SP

Snowy Lodge, Belgian Chocolate sponge with shimmering cherry centre
per 125g (quarter) - 21SP

Deluxe, Luxury Christmas pudding with cherry & pecan topping
per 113.5g portion - 18SP

Favorina, Christmas pudding
per 100g pudding - 14SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury Rich Fruit Cake
per 75.6g slice (one-twelfth) - 12SP

Snowy Lodge, 6 month matured Christmas pudding
per 113.5 portion (one-quarter) - 17SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury salted caramel bombe
per 113.5 portion (half) - 18SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury 18 month matured Christmas pudding 
per 113g portion (one-eighth) - 17SP

Favorina, Top Iced Christmas Cake
per 75.6g slice (one-twelfth) - 14SP

Favorina, Panettone Cioccolato
per 100g cake - 18SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for Steak with vanilla
per 50g pot - 5SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for poultry with orange oil
per 70g pot - 6SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for game
per 55g pot - 5SP 

Deluxe, roasted garlic & cracked black pepper mayonnaise
per 15g tbsp - 4SP

Deluxe, drinking chocolate amazonas 
per 25g serving - 7SP

Deluxe, mini butter pastries 
per 6.7g pastry (without any filling) - 2SP

Deluxe, Lime Chocolate Tartlets with a lime filling
per 20g tartlet - 6SP

Deluxe, Chocolate Tartlets with chocolate creme filling
per 19.5g tartlet - 6SP

Deluxe, Mini Butter Shortbread with real lemons
per 3 shortbreads 24g - 5SP

Deluxe, Treacle All Butter Cookies
per 16.7g cookie - 4SP

Deluxe, Baklava assortment
per 20g serving - 4SP

Deluxe, Butter Fudge with Christmas spices, raisins & cherries
per 25g - 6SP

Deluxe, Butter Fudge with caramel & cornish sea salt
per 25g - 6SP

Deluxe, Irish Cream Liqueur Truffles
per 11.4g truffle - 3SP

Alesto, Cranberry & macadamia nut mix
per 70g pot - 15SP

Alesto, Berry, seed & nut mix
per 70g pot - 12SP

Alesto, Nut mix
per 70g pot - 14SP

Deluxe, Walnut cheese spread
per 25g - 3SP
per 150g tub - 19SP

Deluxe, Capelin Caviar, fine grained
per 100g pot - 7SP

Deluxe, Salmon Caviar
per 50g pot - 1SP

Deluxe, Balsamic Preserve
per 15g tbsp - 2SP

Deluxe, Mini Bavarois, Lemon, Raspberry & Passion fruit
per 30g pot - 4SP

Deluxe, Mini Bavarois Chocolate 
per 30g pot - 6SP

Favorina, Butter biscuits with dark chocolate
per 25g serving - 6SP

Favorina, Christmas biscuits
per 25g serving - 6SP

Favorina,Vanilla Kipferl (shortbread biccies)
per 18g serving - 4SP

Favorina, 'Choco lolly'
per 15g lolly - 4SP

Favorina, Spiced biscuits with almonds
per 3 biscuits 30g - 6SP

Favorina, Spekulatius Spiced biscuits
per 35g serving - 7SP

Favorina, Lebkuchen Hearts with apricot & dark chocolate
per 45g serving - 8SP

Favorina, Butter Almond Stollen
per 100g - 17SP
per 750g cake - 131

Favorina, Assorted glazed Lebkuchen 
per 2 biscuits, 23g - 4SP

Favorina, Glazed Lebkuchen, part coated in dark chocolate
per 2 biscuits, 24g - 4SP

Favorina, chocolate Santa...
per 200g santa - 57SP

Favorina, Swirls with caramel sauce
per 13.5g caramel - 3SP

Favorina, Christmas bells with pistachio filling
per 12g bell - 3SP

Favorina, Hearts with praline filling
per 10.5g heart - 3SP

Favorina, Holly leaves with milk chocolate
per 10g holly leaf - 3SP

Favorina, Santa Claus with vanilla creme filling
per 13g Santa - 3SP

Partytime, Breaded cream cheese jalape├▒os
per half pack (4) - 14SP

Partytime, Duck mini spring rolls
per 18g spring roll - 2SP

Partytime, Mini pepperoni pizzas
per 27g mini pizza - 2SP

Partytime, Cheese & onion potato skins
per 62g potato skin - 3SP

Partytime, Chicken Satay skewers
per 15.5g skewer - 1SP

Partytime, Pigs in blankets
per 21g piggie - 2SP

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