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Happy Christmas!!!

I'm not even sorry about this post!!! I've already emailed my leader my goals for the next three months and as I did I thought, in 6 months we'll be past the shortest day and back on the up and dear god it'll be Christmas!!! I suffer from SAD and the winter really gets to me... so I'm already on a downer about the days getting shorter...

But in 6 months time we'll be unwrapping the pressies, stuffing turkeys, pulling crackers and picking out the best choccies from the tin... but today... TODAY... you can decide EXACTLY how you're going to feel this Christmas... 

The way I see it, you have three choices... 

1. You can be resigned to the fact that 2017 is going to be 'your year' AGAIN.... and give yourself permission to eat all round you for the month of December... You don't really want to party with anyone and the idea of leaving the house kills you, plus it would take an hour to get the spanx on... but this way you can rave about how the 1st of January is THE day when everything will change, a new life awaits just after you mop up the gravy with some batch bread... breaking news, it won't... On January first you'll probably be hungover or enjoying a lie in, wondering how the holidays passed so quickly and you've got to face work and you'll want a fry up! Sure, you're right! Aren't you? You'll only be miserable anyway, so wrap up and give yourself permission to pig out... you didn't REALLY want to get all glammed up for NYE and feel amazing anyway did you?

2. You can feel exactly the way you do right now and do nothing... ignore Christmas... it's not happening in your world! It won't happen if you don't see it right?! Nope! The festivities will go on regardless... trust me I've tried it... the 'I'm just not into Christmas...' doesn't make the whole thing disappear or more comfortable for anyone... there will still be parties, and people will want you to go to them... there will still be Aunties saying 'Doesn't she have a lovely face though...' when you just want to slap theirs... so you pretend it's no big deal and you're happy just the way you are when inside you really want to slip on a glitzy party frock and bop under a disco ball but you didn't bother doing anything about how you feel about yourself, so you're just going to pretend its ALL OK... when you feel like it's really anything but OK... 


3. You can reap the rewards of 6 months of working on you! Accept the compliments, they're right you do look good  in your sexy xmas number and damn it you might even throw off the cardi when your dancing cause you're feeling fabliss! You can put an a dress that's a size smaller than you are today... you can boogie away to 'Rocking around the Christmas tree..' for the umpteenth time because you've kept up the walking or swimming for the last 6 months and you no longer feel like a sweaty betty! Sure, you've got a bit to go, but staying heathy is a life long journey, there is no end to making a better version of yourself but you felt happy enough to say 'yes' to the invites... you felt a little more confident in putting on the bling and you've given yourself and those who love you the most the best present ever! 

By Christmas day... this can happen... don't aim for losing half your body weight, unrealistic goals are the downfall for so many... 1 - 2 lbs a week is healthy... and the right way to do it... we've all done the 'juices' ,' shakes' and 'pills' and here we are still going back to doing it the way we always knew worked... eating more healthy less processed foods and moving our butts more... and wouldn't it be nice to earn activity points on the dance floor this Christmas? 

Look at it this way....

For those who like collecting those little stones... 
26 lbs is 1 stone 12 lbs
39 lbs is 2 stone 11 lbs
52 lbs is 3 stone 10 lbs

Who's with me?! 


  1. I choose no.3 :-)
    Just what I needed to read this morning xxxx

    1. Baby steps missy... we're going to get there I promise! x

  2. What a pep talk. I am so not going to stuff my face this evening.

  3. well and well done......everybodys thoughts (and mine included !!) so let the "dance" begin ............ xx

  4. Your chart helps me see what I can achieve this summer because summer is as hard for me as December because I love potato salad, pasta salad, and ice cream.
    Good thing we don't have Christmas in July.

  5. Hihi thank you Doll for telling us how long to x-mas ! Would like to see some summer first. I too will do my best for option three,
    have quite a few Birthdays coming up and they looking funny at you if you not have some cake but I will do my very best, fingers crossed....xx


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