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and they call it choccie love...

You sang that... I know you did! So all the sweet teeth out there, are constantly looking for desserts to satisfy that 'craving' ... Sadly they're all high but if you want it, earn some fit points or use your weeklies and just enjoy it.. that way you won't feel deprived... Here's some Nestle ones I spotted in my local Supervalu last week... delicious to just cover in fresh fruit! I'm told freezing them works a treat too! They last longer! x

Nestle After Eight Mousse per 57g pot - 7SP

Nestle Aero Creations per 57g pot - 6SP

Nestle Aero Mint & Choc Bubbly Mousse per 58g pot - 6SP

Nestle Aero Milk Choc Bubbly Mousse per 59g pot - 5SP

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