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Ancient Legends

Anybody spotted the new 'Ancient Legends' range from Kellogg's? There's six flavours in total, 2 Muesli, 2 Granola and 2 Cereals... The 'Spelt, Cranberry, Sultana  & Flaxseed' granola had sold out in my local Tesco so I've only SmartPointed five of the range here! Something different to try now summers here (or so we're told!)... Everyones getting a bit fed up with porridge in May! Or just a few spoons to add a bit of crunch to your salad or over night oats? Anyone tried thm yet? x

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Granola
Rye, Chia Seed, Sultana and Pumpin Seeds
per 40g portion - 7SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Cereal
Rye, Cranberry, Almond & Flax Seeds
per 40g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Cereal
Spelt, Apple, Sultana & Chia Seeds
per 40g portion - 5SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Muesli
Puffed Spelt, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds, Sultana and Flax Seeds
per 40 g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Muesli
Quinoa, Apple, Cranberry & Chia Seeds
per 40g portion - 6SP

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