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Do it… week 13!

This week…. JUST DO SOMETHING… anything…. do the water challenge.. lunge your heart out… go for a walk every day… but start now… Don't wait, because tomorrow never comes… You can sit there on the sofa eating cookies and crisps for the next year waiting for the right day or the right time or the right feeling to hit you to start… Or you can change now… Yes christmas is close… but its only one day… think about how you're going to feel if you get up on the scales in January and have to lose the same weight ALL over again just because you didn't bother… or just didn't care… yes there are parties… yes temptation is everywhere… but you're worth so much more… moderation is the key… and believe you can do it because you can!

Here's a list of all the goodies that might cross your path over the next few weeks… 
have them… enjoy them… just don't overdo them!

Chocolate Kimberley - 3PP
Chocolate Kimberley Tea cake - 3PP
Elite Honeycomb Delight - 3PP
Micado/Coconut creams - 2PP
Viscount Mint - 2PP
Cafferys Snowballs - 3PP
Lidl Shortbread Luxury Biscuits - 2PP
Almond Fingers - 5PP
Cadburys Fingers - 4 = 3PP
Why Not bars - 3PP
Time Out - 2 Fingers = 5PP
Boasters Belgian Choc & Hazelnut - 4PP
Cadburys Double Chunk Cookies - 4PP
Kelloggs Plus Bar - 3PP
Kit Kat - 
   1 finger = 2PP 
   2 fingers = 3PP 
   4 fingers = 7PP
Fig Roll - 2PP

Dunnes Christmas Pudding 100g - 9PP
Lidl Luxury Christmas Pudding 100g - 8PP
Aldi Twin Pudding - 8pp per pudding
Foxes Chocolate Bombe Christmas pudding 500g - 70PP < NOT A TYPO!!!!

M&S Lattice Mince Pies - 7PP
Mr. Kipling Rum & Raisin slices - 4PP
Mr. Kipling Pudding Slices - 4PP
Tesco Chocolate Yule Log - 32PP

King Cheese & Onion crisps (from 6 pack) - 4PP
Salted peanuts 25g - 4PP
Kelkin popcorn 25g - 3PP
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 1 tube - 24PP
Pringles Original 1 tube - 24PP
Pringles Texas BBQ 1 tube - 27PP
Doritos Tangy Cheese 1 x 175g bag - 24PP
Doritos Chilli Heatwave 1 x 175g bag - 24
Doritos Original 1 x 175g bag - 24PP
KP Meanies (25g bag 6 pack) - 3PP
Treble Crunch Cheese & Onion per bag - 3PP
Velvet Crunch Cheese & onion per 20g bag - 2PP
Tesco Sweet chilli coated peanuts 1/8th bag / 25g - 4PP
Tesco BBQ coated peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP salted Peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP Honey roasted peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP dry roasted peanuts 25g - 4PP
Mini Cheddars 25g - 4PP
Bombay Mix 30g - 4PP
King Crisps Lite - 3PP
Hula Hoops 34g - 5PP

Lidl Snowy Mince Pies - 5PP
Supervalu Deep Filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Mr. Kipling DEep Filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Tesco Deep filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Dunnes Deep Filled Mince Pies - 7pp
Dunnes 'Better for You' Luxury Mince Pies - 6PP
M&S luxury Buttered Mince Pies - 13PP … you read that right too!!!

Celebrations (1) - 1PP
Celebrations (5) - 6PP
Celebrations (15) - 17pp
Roses/Quality Street (1) - 1PP
Roses/Quality Street (5) - 7PP
Roses/Quality Street (15) - 20PP
Terrys Chocolate Orange (1 segment) - 1PP
Matchmakers Mint or Orange (4) - 2PP
Toblerone 1/2 a standard bar (50g) - 7PP
Thorntons Classic Collection (1) - 2PP
Dairy Box (1) - 2PP
Black Magic (1) - 1PP
Walnut Whip, Vanilla - 5PP
Smarties (1 tube) - 5PP
Flake - 5PP
Revels 35g pack - 5PP
Milky Way 22g - 3PP
M&Ms Peanut (small bag 45g) - 6PP
M&Ms Chocolate (small bag 46g) - 6PP
Galaxy Minstrels (small bag 42g) - 6PP
Galaxy Milk Chocolate 50g - 8PP
Thorntons Alpini Bar 35g - 5PP
Thorntons Viennese Bar 38g - 6PP
Bourneville 50g - 7PP

Roses tin - 108PP
Heros tin - 100PP
Celebrations tin - 110PP
Quality Street tin 125PP
Cadburys Biscuit 380g tin - 53PP
Baileys 1 litre - 120PP
Lemons Iced Caramels 350g box - 39PP

Cheddar 40g - 5PP
Cheddar Half fat 40g - 3PP
Double Gloucester 40g - 5PP
Double Gloucester Smoked 40g - 5PP
Edam 40g - 4PP
Emmental 40g - 4PP
Feta 40g - 3PP
Goats 40g - 4PP
Goats cheese half fat 40g - 3PP
Lancashire 40g - 4PP
Red Leicester 40g - 4PP
Red Leicester half fat 40g - 2PP
Stilton 40g - 4PP
Brie 40g - 4PP

I"m away today… so the final chart will be up next week… well done to those losing.. you're an inspiration! xxx


  1. hey Doll down 1.5 this week.. had xmas party friday night dec 13th so will see how I get on this week :) have booked myself in for spin 3nites in a row so hopefully il maintain what i have down.. loving the blogs its keeping me well on track x

  2. Hey Doll,
    Down 2 this week.. woo hoo :) Great post.. I'll defo be thinking before I eat this Criimbo.. Chocolate Kimberleys are my downfall!! Soooo good and yet so bad :):)

  3. Hi Doll my loss for the last 3 weeks of the challenge is –3.5, –.5, –1 this brings my total loss to 4 st 10.5lbs I have found your blog inspirational and on days I have been struggling I go back over older blogs. 7.5 lbs to go hopefully I don’t go too mad over Christmas and back on track for the new year. Thanks for all your inspiration and have a great Christmas


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