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All of my teeth are savoury! If I lived beside a crisp factory, this blog would never even exist! and the new snack packs from Low Low are prefect for savoury folk like me.. they're yummy...

These snack packs whilst still a little high at 4 and 5 pro points are really nice and a perfect replacement for that bag of Tayto and probably a lot less processed! I've tried the caramelised onion chutney one it's delicious!

Low Low Snack Pack Mature Cheese Slices & multigrain toast 
with Sweet Tomato relish - 4PP

Low Low Snack Pack Mature Cheese Slices & multigrain toast 
with Caramelised Onion Chutney - 5PP


  1. Yep, same! If I lived near a crisp factory I'd be one of those people who needs to be cut out of the house.......anyway, great to get more savoury PPs, they look lovely. Dairylea dunkers are a firm favourite of mine too :)

    1. I LOVE the Dairylea ones too! You'll love these.. already chopped up and ready to assemble! xxx

  2. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

  3. Hi Doll, I really love your blog. Inspirational, informative and makes me smile. Would love to lose 14 lbs by the big C but have just lost my mojo. Keep up the good work and i am ready for the challenge, will you put me onto the 14 week challenge list.

  4. certainly... i'm away for a few days so I'll add you to the chart when i get back... but you're def in! Mojo here aplenty... always someone to help kick you in the butt thankfully... the followers on here do it to me regularly! you can so do this! x


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