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Hi campers! Well firstly what about this weather!? Lots of water and suncream and keep it to ice lollies rather than ice creams for points! 

You all know that I'm a make it from scratch kinda gal but I thought I'd share these.. I always have a jar or two just to throw over some veggies and pasta and make a quick dinner.. and most of these are tomato based so they're all roughly the same ProPoint values... the thing to look out for on these are the sugar values.. some of the plain tomato bases have much more sugar in them but still point out lower.. just a thing to watch health wise! Also before you chuck a jar in.. check the volume of it, some big jars are 4pp others are 10pp.. Values for 100g and jars weight below... 

On the plus side I think my mojo is back I'm half a pound away now from that next mark and I don't want to jinx it ... thank's for all the love too... Its that kind of support that keeps you from stage diving off the wagon into a bucket of Ben & Jerrys! but you know when you have that sucky week and the last thing you feel like doing is bloody tracking...  I was having one or three of those.. Last week I was down 1.5lbs! YAY! after all the drama... *whispers* I MAY have had a lil' cry in the car .. happy 'snap-out-of-it' tears though!

Still my tiara is back up in its place and I think my head is back in the game.. 

Doll x

Dunnes tomato & garlic pasta sauce (400g jar) - 1 pp per 100g

Roma Original Bolognese (500g jar) - 1 pp per 100g

Ragu Original Smooth Bolognese (454g jar!) - 1 pp per 100g

Ragu Traditional Chunky Bolognese (454g jar!) - 1 pp per 100g

Dolmio Original Bolognese (500g jar) - 1 pp per 100g

Dolmio LOW FAT Bolognese (500g jar) - 1 pp per 100g I KNOW!!!

Jamie Oliver Tomato & Basil Sauce (400g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Jamie Oliver Tomato, Olive & Garlic (400g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Bunalun Organic Sweet red pepper sauce (350g jar) - 1 pp per 100g

Barilla Basilico (400g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Dolmio Express - Sun ripened tomato & Basil (340g sachet) - 2 pp per 100g

My Dolmio Creamy Tomato Sauce (150g sachet) - 2 pp per 100g

Newmans Own Basilico (350g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Newmans Own Diavolo (350g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Dunnes Simply better Bolognese (420g jar) - 2 pp per 100g

Loyd Grossman Bolognese (660g jar!!!) - 1 pp per 100g


  1. I used to LOVE the Barilla Olive and Tomato sauce years was low in (then) points too. But i can't find it anywhere in the UK now. Well I say UK....i mean Cardiff. And really i mean the 2 supermarkets i frequent. Anyway, good that you're getting back on track. It always makes you feel SO much better doesn't it? You can weigh one thing one week but be feeling guilty cos you pigged out, and the next week weigh the same but feel on top of the world because you feel like you're going to do something about it. It's crazy! Good luck this week Doll! ♥ Xxx

    1. I've always said it.. weight loss is all in the mind! We can play some very silly tricks on ourselves! The barilla sauce is one of my favs.. and the most basic but flavourful of them all! If you need a food parcel shout! LOL x


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