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Get on track...

If you're not an avid tracker .. be it on paper in your hand bag.. or on an app on your phone.. for this week... TRACK! Grab a note book...set up a document on your lap top.. use the notes tool on your phone.. just for one week... it will reveal your habits and when your munchie moments are...

People who are successful at weight loss.. KNOW what they're putting in their bodies every day.. they know what they're having for dinner.. they've PLANNED their weekend... so pick your favourite below and put it somewhere that it will remind you to track... and remember no ones got a perfect tracker all the time but when you have a good week you can look at it and see why... same with a bad week!  Your tracker is a useful tool in your weight loss kit!

Doll x


  1. So true! I'm a divil for not tracking before I eat and then cursing myself when I do tot up the numbers later in the day. Keeping track lets me know exactly where I stand at any point in the day.

  2. Its so true, if I don't write everyting down I pick and eat way more!
    The Saying "Pickers wear bigger Knickers" thats me and so true:(

  3. I love your posts, they are really motivating! I'm so good at tracking my main meals. It's the drinks and picking where I fall down. I'm definitely making a bigger effort to track properly.

  4. Can't agree with you enough, all the weeks I had good losses were the weeks I'd tracked everything from the one wine gum to the 6 chips robbed off someone else's plate. Makes a huge difference!


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