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Aaahhhh yes… real world.. imagination… real world.. imagination… Ever said 'I'm going to lose 5 stone in 5 weeks' … OK maybe not that dramatic but we've all done it.. 'I'll be a size 10 for Christmas!' on the 1st of December!? really?! With all the parties..  Unrealistic goals just set you up for failure! Which in turn sets you not only off the wagon but putting it in reverse to teach it a lesson! Losing weight 1 - 2 lbs a week is the natural and healthiest way to do it.. Setting yourself a realistic loss in a realistic time frame give you lots more scope for success… 


Remember the results you get are not only on the scales!! I know I know.. change the record will ya... but those jeans getting loose.. that feeling of more energy… noticing when you run upstairs you don't need to sit down to catch your breath… All positive results on this journey… and you only get out of it what you put in.. 

From WW Facebook page


Think that a cream cake is a good reward for losing 2lbs.. good! as long as you track it its all good! But maybe.. a manicure.. a massage.. a new book… a magazine at the newsagents.. a new nail polish.. a DVD..a new kitchen gadget.. all ways to reward yourself without connecting your success to food.. as I've said a million times.. if you're an emotional eater.. you have to disconnect the emotions you feel with food.. a good weight loss doesn't mean a trip to McDs? I've started a money box for every pound I lose I'm putting in a euro and my dad is gonna match it! (clearly we're backdating it too!) When I get to goal, spending spree for me.. 


Its lovely to have a treat by eating out.. but restaurant portions aren't the same as you would make for yourself at home… Plus since you're not in control of the cooking.. you have no idea whether the mash is made with butter *drools* or god forbid even cream! So if you're fretting.. and are trying to be good.. cause lets face it some nights you just want to have the garlic bread and NOT share! There are ways to ease the points pain and still enjoy all the fun! If you're a savoury type.. then have a starter.. have the garlic bread.. and enjoy every second of it.. then skip dessert! Have a fancy coffee instead... If you couldn't bare the thought of leaving the restaurant without a three course meal then share a starter and share a dessert.. sometimes its just the idea of having a taste.. and that way you're getting a little bit of everything, without wearing the 'i'm doing weight watchers, i can't play' tiara! 

When it comes to mains.. sauces on the side.. then you control the amount you use.. and don't be afraid to take home a doggy bag! Every restaurant will gladly wrap up your bits in tin foil! AND don't feel like you're being a fuss pot! We're all too fast to say.. 'oh no.. its OK.. I'll eat around the coleslaw..' then hoover it! You're paying for your meal.. so you should get exactly what you want!


OK I'm not a runner.. nor will I ever be.. my silly knee won't play along but lots of people start their weight loss journey walking.. its free and so good for you… plus there's no gear required.. no helmets, knee pads or goggles.. just lace up your trainers and GO! and a brisk walk is very effective for reducing abdominal fat the most dangerous kind! But many people I know have moved from walking to running using the Couch to 5K programme… and it seems to work!


Whilst we're on about running.. anyone in Ireland or in fact, I'm told these are done all over the world so get googling! Check out >>> HERE

I'll be there, wearing white (I know, I KNOW!), hell I might even make a tutu.. but its for a good cause… and if the weathers good *crosses fingers, toes and knickers* it'll be all the better.. 5k is a good goal to start with and its a nice flat walk along the seafront! Start gearing up now!


Additives, additives, additives - all I can say is try to eat as few of them as possible… they just clog your system with unnecessary chemicals! Making food from scratch if you're not confident in the kitchen can be over whelming.. so start with something simple like a soup or omelet and build up your repertoire from there!  Check out food author Michael Pollan (give him a google, his lectures on food and its effect on well being are fascinating!) Here's just 7 of his rules for eating well!  

  • Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. When you pick up that box of portable yogurt tubes, or eat something with 15 ingredients you can't pronounce, ask yourself, What are those things doing there?

  • Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce.
  • Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter of the store. Real food tends to be on the outer edge of the store near the loading docks, where it can be replaced with fresh foods when it goes bad.
  • Don't eat anything that won't eventually rot. There are exceptions -- honey -- but as a rule, things like Twinkies that never go bad aren't food.
  • It is not just what you eat but how you eat.  Always leave the table a little hungry. Many cultures have rules that you stop eating before you are full. In Japan, they say eat until you are four-fifths full. Islamic culture has a similar rule, and in German culture they say, 'Tie off the sack before it's full'.
  • Families traditionally ate together, around a table and not a TV, at regular meal times. It's a good tradition. Enjoy meals with the people you love. Remember when eating between meals felt wrong?
  • Don't buy food where you buy your petrol. In the U.S., 20% of food is eaten            in the car.


I could babble on about 'you're in charge of your life..' blah blah blah.. But Jillian seems to have a way with words on this one!

Weigh in below... no chart this week as I'm in NYC!!! I KNOW!! I'm going to try to catch a class over there but lets not hold me to that just in case! 

Also, a highly inspirational guest post on Monday from Mr.Q! Whilst I'm running around Macys, he'll get you all off your couches about how setting SMART goals worked for him! 

I'll catch up on all the weigh ins when I get back and gawd help me when I weigh in! 

Have a good week
Doll x


  1. +2lb this week but was expecting it! Have fun in New York!!! KJ.

    1. But at least you knew .. I hope you enjoyed it! x

  2. - 1! Enjoy Ny!! Gillie C xx

  3. Down 2lb this week, delighted with that, enjoy NY Doll!!

  4. Hey Doll, dont know am i down on the challenge as i started a week late but love reading your weekly posts on the upside ive lost 8lbs in two weeks :) njoy the hols

    1. I've added you from week three.. well done! 8lbs is amazing! x

  5. Hey doll.

    I was STS in week 3 and down a lb in week 4. So half a lb to silver 7.

    Have fun in NYC


  6. Hope you are enjoying your holiday! I didn't get to WI this week due to work so you can just put me down as a STS x

  7. Missed weigh in also this will have to wait until next week... Enjoy NY!!

  8. Up 2lbs this week, I'm not surprised though for some reason having the cold made me eat and eat and eat all week, I was ravenous all the time! But I'm starting a fresh today so hoping to lose 2lb in the coming week and be back on track.

    Debbie x

    1. Lots of people poorly with the crazy weather! between cough bottles made of sugar and having the munchies you did well with only 2lbs! Hope you're feeling better! x

  9. Hey Doll, hope your having a fab time in NY :)
    I was up 2lbs this week! 1lb is muscle but the other is the sneaky biscuits that I didnt track! But I'm back to it now.. aiming for 2/3 lbs down for my nxt weigh in.

    1. Glad you're back .. its so easy to lose focus! tell my NY version!!! aaarrggghhh! lol x

  10. Hi Doll - Hope you are having a fab holiday! I was down 2.5lbs so delighted with that!

  11. Great post, hope you are having a lovely holiday. Down 3lb this week bringing me to 4 stone loss bang on :) Janine

    1. Fantastic!!! Well done! that's an amazing achievement! be very proud of all your hard work! x

  12. Hey Doll, down 1.5lbs this week so thats just half a pound to get to goal so Ill be there this time next week (hopefully)

    1. Brilliant you're so close and the last few pounds are annoyingly the hardest! x

  13. Down 2 this week. Hope you had fun in New York.


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