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Not all soups are created equally...

Ok... I know the weather is improving slowly but its always soup weather on this little island! If you don't make your own at home... be very careful when you're out shopping for them! 

These are the latest on the street.. not quite a ready meal and not quite a soup.. I purchased the Mexico one and it was GORGEOUS!! Full of flavour and only 3PP for half the tub! However it is the lowest PP in the range.. some contain rice and lentils which means they are more a 'meal' than a soup but you would definitely eat the lot (400g), if you were having it for dinner.. I had half for my lunch (200g) and it was loads! They cost €2.59 in Tesco which isn't bad for two lunches! PLUS they're Irish made so its all about keeping it local! 

The descriptions will lure you in... and they're full of fresh ingredients... which is always a plus to me .. They sound amazing but the fat content speaks for itself! So be careful, if you point wisely you can enjoy! 

Doll x

Marrakech - Veggie soup with puy lentils, cumin and ginger 
200g - 3PP • 400g - 7PP

Mumbai - Chicken soup with garam masala spices and Basmati rice
 200g - 5PP • 400g - 11PP

Bangkok - Chicken soup with thai spices, jasmine rice and fresh lime
 200g - 5PP • 400g - 10PP

Mexico - Tomato soup with fresh coriander, red beans and corn
 200g - 2PP • 400g - 3PP


  1. I was pointing the Tomato one as 4pp for 400g so that is great it is only 3pp. It is delicious and filling with the beans and corn in it!

    1. No the offical line is its 3pp thankfully! Its really nice!

  2. I pointed the mexican one as 3 pro points for the whole tub? :O you are saying it is only 3 for half :( oh no!!!

  3. I had the mexican soup (yup Aisling it's 3pp for the whole thing!) and it's soooo yum! The smell of it is gorgeous!

    I'm actually so happy I picked that one out of the other ones before pointing.


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