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Love you!!!

Sometimes things hold us up.. and when losing weight it can only take the slightest thing to derail us.. Its tough.. and its too easy to give up... but when you look at it we're really giving up on ourselves... its like we don't know how to love ourselves enough..

You've got to give things up to move forwards..

Give up making excuses! Make a decision and stick with it.. I'm going to kick boxing to night.. the rain, work, family, friends are NOT an excuse not to go.. the world shall continue to turns while I'm there for an hour!

Stop overlooking the positive things in your life.. everyones readily available to forget all the good stuff they've got.. so your bum is bigger than your friends.. but aren't you there for each other when its needed.. you're never going to be happy if you are happy with what you've already got.. and lets face it .. mosts of us are pretty lucky compared to some people in this world..

This goes with my theory of living life in the moment now... Sometimes we're SO busy trying to 'run a marathon' .. 'lose four stone' ... that we miss out on the little victories and life is made up of the little things.. you won't run a marathon today but pat of the back for signing up for a 5k!

QUIT going on about PAST failures... yes you lost ALL the weight before.. your past doesn't equal your future! All that matters is what you do right now! Its like my leader says.. YES you had a bad meal.. but you eat 21 meals a week.. why should one of them ruin your goals?!?! Its in the past.. you ate it.. you enjoyed it.. not come back to the here and now!

GIVE UP trying to be always right! If you don't admit sometimes you got it wrong.. you'll never learn from life.. you can't blame everyone else for your mistakes.. sometimes you gotta put the paw up and fess up!

STOP running from problems that should be fixed... Face them.. fix them... communicate, appreciate, forgive and LOVE the people in our life who deserve it!

Don't CHOOSE to do nothing.. everyday is a new day for you to choose how to live your life... you can only decide how you are going to live right now! so choose wisely.. don't choose NOTHING!

It can be too easy to give up on yourself.. but ask someone close to you what they really think of you (not as easy as you think!) and you'll be pleasantly surprised! You are funny, kind, generous, thoughtful, tall, short, curvy, sexy, sassy, a mum, a sister, a work pal who is loved and people would never give up on you, they want you to love you too.. so go on .. love you too...

Doll x


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    1. Sometimes we just forget what we've already got .. xxx

  2. Oh I needed this today. Had a really bad day and just had a biscuit with Chocolate spread. This post has now made me think that people who stir are not worth the trouble or the increase in my waistline and I won't be eating anymore rubbish this evening. I'll just point that biscuit and move on.Thanks

    1. good woman! don't let them get to you! You're worth SO much more... point it and move along!! You're awesome.. and you're not defined but food! xxx

  3. Hey Doll, just found your blog while i was searching for the PP for Cadbury Chocolate ;-)
    Your blog is great and your loss is really great.
    I startet with WW on New Year ... sind that i lost 4,4 lb's now, and i'm fine with that.

    Greetings from Germany (sorry for my bad writing in english)

    1. Hallo! Danke für Ihren kommentar. Ich bin froh, dass Sie das Blog mögen und ich hoffe, dass Sie die PP für die Schokolade fanden, wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen gerade bitten lassen! Und gutes Glück mit Ihrem Gewichtsverlust 4.4lb ist groß! Doll x

    2. und traurig für meinen schlechten Deutschen!


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