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Beat the buffet! Week 8!

Apologies for the delay... but christmas has come down from the attic and I'm all a bling!

Only a few weeks left! To be honest those few weeks can be 3lbs that you lose in order to gain it back on Christmas day.. so don't lose focus.. We eat approx 21 meals a week.. not all of them have to be blow outs.. keep up the healthy breakfasts and lunches.. and have the extra roastie with your dinner.. and you'll still be on track to stay the same!

This post.. Buffets.. the word fills me with dread.. especially at Christmas!!! The choice.. and you just want a little bit of everything.. when you NEVER would allow a Vol-au-vent through the front door .. there they are calling your name.. all chickeny and mushroomy with cream and yumminess... sigh.. but heres a few tips that might help!

Have a bowl of Zero PP soup ... toast with peanut butter will fill you up and stop you stage diving into the goodies head on! If you arrive starving.. its all going to go wrong.. so a little planning ahead.. will save you.. PLUS.. save your points for the drinkies!

Don't hover at the table!!!! You know exactly what I mean! Your little paws will be busier than ever if you'll mulling about... Get what you want IN ONE TRIP and move on! Its a not a contest to see who can try everything on the table!

If you want to keep the halo straight.. then be a little be sensible! Avoid the battered prawns, garlic bread, anything that's covered in mayonnaise or cream... go for the smoked salmon.. chicken skewers.. the cold meats.. breadsticks... salsa... hummus...  you all know its for the best..

When the waiters bring around those trays of gorgeousness... keep your hands full.. have a camera, napkin, phone and wine glass.. all will keep both hands occupied so you can grab the tray and leg it!

If you're a cheeseboard kinda gal.. *raises hand*  then be a bit savvie.. Brie, Camembert and Edam are better than cheddar, Stilton and Roule... Best choice is you're a fan is goats cheese!

No one is saying you're can't enjoy the fun.. but a few wise choices will make you and the scales happier in the long run!

More Chirstmas tips incoming!! Great losses!!!  And fantastic feedback from Mr. Q and his post.. he's officially a regular around here!

This weeks post will be on time! eek!

Doll x


  1. Severe lack of social events to attend means that buffets thankfully aren't a problem, but I loved the reminder about 21 meals a week - it really isn't a lot to plan and I need to do that more x

  2. Gained half a pound this week and considering the weekend I had (that spilled over until tuesday) I am very lucky. I ate everything in site and had fun doing it. I am a little worried that this weeks thursday lunch time weigh as opposed to my usual tuesday evening WI may have something to do with the gain being so small but I am being super strict to try not gain next week too! x

  3. well didnt get to my meeting last week as i was away so went tonight and lost 2lb delighted cos i did put the effort in when i was was only for 3 days but you know what its like with a few drinks and extra food but i walked and walked and it paid off tonite ... good luck to everyone this week

  4. Stayed the same this week but it wasn't deserved :( Hoping to tweak a few things.


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