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Summer Challenge finale!!!!

Well well well! I leave the country for a week and you all got skinny on me! Before I start to reply to your comments I HAD to total up the weights for the Summer Challenge! MY GOD!! 78.5!!! thats right... SEVENTY EIGHT & A HALF pounds we've lost.. that's at least 2 Victoria Beckams no? Well done every one.. and do we all feel better for it!?! I can definitely say that I'm feeling great.. I'm a dress size smaller and hitting the shops with a little more pep in my step.. I'm still no where near my goal weight but the difference its making by doing these challenges with you all is working on my self esteem no end! Stare if you like lady.. I'm eight pounds lighter than I was six weeks ago... (insert 'tongue out' pose here!) .. I may be developing a bit of an attitude problem... ahem..

So well done everyone.. I'll be setting up another one in the next week or so... something to take us up to the bank holiday in August .. with some more mini challenges, giveaways and heaps of motivation! AND its great to see you all supporting each other too... remember we're all in the lardy boat together.. 3 lbs to someone is 3 stone to someone else.. its all relative and we're all a team here! YAY!

Here's the final scores on the board for those that completed the six weeks on here... there are more dolls on twitter and facebook who have done brilliantly as well! *applause* Doll x


  1. Ah great to hear 8 lbs was brilliant! Delighted with the challenges they def are a huge help. Looking forward to the next one. :-) thanks again

  2. Well done Doll! I have not been in the ww headspace for this challenge but still managed to lose 3.5lbs woo hoo, I would defo be at least 3.5lbs up if not for the challenge so thanks again and well done to everyone else too x

  3. Hi! I enjoy your blog so much. I've just nominiated you for the Versatile Blogger award, which I'm sure you've already received many times, but here it is again :)

  4. Hi Doll, not been in for a while, but well done to you and everybody else with the weight loss - congrats on being down a dress size. My advice dump the larger size clothes (only keeping one to remind you). You'll never need them again.

  5. wow well done everyone!!! ive been keeping up with the challenge jist kept forgetting to post!! lost 6.5 pounds overall!! not much as i wanted but every little helps!!! cant wait for the nexchallenge doll!!
    kirsty x

  6. Go Doll! A whole dress size!! What a great feeling!!! :) I've been a bit all over the place for this challenge between weddings & holidays but pulled it together in the last fortnight: -5lbs!!! Looking forward to the next challenge :)

  7. Hi doll raging i missed the board of finale talky i was trying to post my loss on phone but no joy it was busted so im bak new phone and 7.5lbs lighter. Im so happy all thanks to the summer challenge im back to pre pregnancy weight and all my jeans fit me perfectly!! I have 2.5 lbs to reach my Ww goal so cant wait for nxt challenge.

    1. Only seeing this now!! flippin' technology!! Well done! You're so close now! Very proud of you.. and do join in on the next're an inspiration... xxx


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