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Simply Enjoy Cookbook

The latest cookbook from WW is called Simply enjoy. With 130 season recipes, there's a great variety of family dinners, snappy lunches and there's even a Christmas section!!!

For a recent dinner party I made the "sage stuffed onions" and they were SO easy and delicious... something you can make early in the day or the night before and just whack in the oven as your guests arrive.. the "crushed roasted potatoes" are yummy too.. and very morish!

The Piri Piri chicken is a great recipe to try if you're bored with your usual chicken recipes... and you can make it 4 at a time and store them for lunches ... the "crispy potato and meatball pan fry" is very comforting after a long day... the herbs and mozzarella crust on top is SO yummy!

Recipes for bread sauce and good basic side dishes like sweet baby carrots, sweetcorn in chilli sauce are throughout the book in various sections.... and the potato, cucumber and dill salad is perfect for this summer weather...

As the last book, I love the images throughout... I like to see what I'm making! The Christmas section includes the classics, smoked salmon parcels, mincemeat and apple tarts and the like... but also some newbies, blinis with a variety of toppings, turkey and leek pie for the leftovers and festive berry cheesecake which sounds YUMMY!

For the sweet tooths out there... there's an "All things sweet" section which includes banana splits, bbq fruits and marshmallows amongst the ingredients!

There difference with this book is the great variety. With some recipes that can become classic staples if cooking is your thing... Bonus - my guests had no idea they were all Weight Watchers recipes and some even asked for the recipes! Doll x


  1. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the info!

  2. If there's any recipes you'd like me to send, just ask! Doll x

    1. I would love a PP cheesecake recipe if there's one in Simply Enjoy :-)

  3. OOoo that looks so good! I might have to look into getting it.


  4. just discovered your blog! FANTASTIC! so helpful. Im on week 5 of WW. Progress - w1 -3.5, w2 -2.5 , w3 -3.5, w4 -stayed the same :( , w5...remains to be seen!! Found last week disheartening. My biggest prob is dinner. Im cooking for one and not exactly master chef, do you think this book will be suitable? I also dont want to have to be buying loads of ingredients every single day!! Thanks in advance. Im now gonna make a start on reading all your previous blogs! Looks like youre doing great with WW!

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  6. How much was the cookbook? I'm all about simple b/c I really not fond of cooking. The chicken dish looked delish!

  7. Hey, skinny doll keep up the excellent work here with the blog, we are all just loving it!


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