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All dressed up... and don't wanna go...

The mere thought of dressing up and going to a party just makes me want to keep my head under the duvet. Parties at Christmas as pretty hard to avoid. There's one next door, at work, friends houses everywhere you turn there's an invite coming in! You'd think this snow would deter them! This time of year is the worst for me in terms of coping with the inevitable feelings of self conscious and the fear of "what happens when the small talk dries up!?!?!" In the back of my mind as I ring the doorbell and the butterflies play havoc with my stomach, I always have that age old diamond buzzing in my ears... "this time.. next year... I won't have to feel like this!" SIGH! GROAN! I'm even annoying me with that one! I need to devise a plan to make it through the adrenaline rush to make me more mentally and physically on my game and put a stop to the self sabotage! I need to formulate a plan.. From doorbell to doorstep... what to wear, how long I'm gonna stay and decide beforehand exactly what I'm going to eat. I, like most, worry about what other people think, so my trick this year is to put myself in their place. (which technically I will be!) .. I know I'll be asking about work, family, that dreaded "R" word, the weather .. all those things that I know I'll be too busy chatting to concentrate on what they are wearing and eating.. and I know "THEY" will be just the same... I've got to get over that super-sensitive self consciousness... Stand tall, stay positive and stick to the spritzers! Doll x

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  1. The worst thing is when you find a dress you love and you still feel like a whale in it. Or the only dress you can find that you like is black. Or you find the perfect dress but you can't find shoes. Or the dress you find doesn't have sleeves and why do they make sleeveless dresses for fat people anyway? Do they know how uncomfortable it is to wear a strapless dress with G-cup breasts?!

    But yeah. I'm lucky that I have A) no friends around here and B) no work this year, otherwise I'd be in a right panic about what to wear AGAIN.

    Hope you find something GREAT, and that you FEEL GREAT about what you wear.



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