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Aldi - One Pots

These are the new One Pot ready meals you'll spot in Aldi near the sandwiches and lunch salads... 
At 380g you could definitely split these and bulk it up with loads of 0Sp veggies and get two lunches out of one!

One Pot - Brazilian Style Black Bean Stew with Tomato, Cashew & Quinoa
per 380g pot - 14SP

One Pot - Red Thai Style Vegetable Curry with brown rice
per 380g pot - 12SP

One Pot - Indonesian Style Curry with Coconut & Cauliflower
per 380g pot - 14SP

One Pot - Squash, Spinach & Lentil Hotpot
per 380g pot - 14SP

0SP Jellies!

Here's the recipe as requested for the jellies I made yesterday! 


 • 1 twin pack of Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly - 0SP

• 2 Sachets of Gelatin - 1SP for both 
I don't count this because I don't eat them all in one sitting...

• 150g 0% Fat Free Yoghurt (approx 3 - 4 heaped tablespoons) I use the Brooklea one from Aldi - 0SP

• a dash of vanilla extract - optional, you can use any flavours you like - 0SP


Metal spoon for stirring 
Silicone moulds
Clear a shelf in the fridge!

Take one half of your jelly sachets and one sachet of the gelatine and mix them with approx 150ml of boiling water and stir until it's all dissolved... (It takes a while but worth the stirring to get it nice and smooth!)  Pour this into your silicone moulds half way up if you want to add the creamy layer too or the full way up to get a plain wine gum (below)! Pop in the fridge for 15 - 20 minutes. 

When you take them out of the fridge boil the kettle again and repeat step one but this time use only 100ml of boiling water, when the jelly crystals and gelatine have dissolved, stir in your yoghurt, add your flavouring and stir again till it's smooth (it'll have the consistency of a milkshake) Fill up the moulds to the top and pop back in the fridge! 
In 15- 20 mins you'll be popping out your jellies to put in your belly!

I got my silicone moulds in Dunnes, Homestore & More, Dealz 
and on holiday in the USA over the years... 
They're also in Tiger and Tesco from time to time...
They're usually seasonal, so you'll get the heart ones around 
Valentines day and the lemons in the summer... 


Use silicone moulds it's way easier to get your jellies out...

If you want them more chewy add less water...

Don't make the creamy layer at the same time as your clear jelly layer it'll set a bit whilst you're waiting for the first layer to set and you can't use it... I learned the hard way... You're welcome!

Do the jelly layer first THEN the cream layer, 
I've tried it the other way around and it never works for me!

For scale I've put up the little mini cupcake cases I used in the pics above, 
I got these are Christmas (you can see the candy canes on the bottom!) 
but they're available in the shops all year round sometimes 
with the birthday party stuff and also online...

They're great for the cinema and don't go watery like normal jelly 
from the fridge so you can stash a mini bag of these in your handbag! 

Happy chewing! 

Aldi Summer Salads!

Some of the summer salad range you'll spot in Aldi now.. 
Anyone tried em out yet?

Aldi Specially Selected - Bombay Potato Salad 
per 30g - 2SP
per 120g portion (half the tub) - 6SP
per 240 tub - 13SP

Aldi Specially Selected - Pesto Potato Salad 
per 30g - 1SP
per 120g portion (half the tub) - 4SP
per 240 tub - 8SP

Aldi Specially Selected - 
Butternut Squash & Giant Cous Cous Salad
per 30g - 1SP
per 100g portion (half of the tub) - 5SP
per 200 tub - 9SP

Aldi Specially Selected - Ruby Slaw
per 30g - 2SP
per 80g portion (one third of the tub) - 6SP
per 240 tub - 17SP

Aldi Specially Selected - Sriracha Slaw
per 30g - 2SP
per 80g portion (one third of the tub) - 6SP
per 240 tub - 19SP

Aldi The Deli - Spicy Cous Cous
per 30g - 2SP
per 73g portion (one third of the tub) - 5SP
per 220 tub - 16SP

Organic Soleros!

Summers coming and the ice pops are popping up in the shops... for the Solero fans, two new flavours, vegan too! Anyone tried them out? I'm gonna get the lemon ones next grocery shop! 

Solero -  Organic Lemon per ice lolly - 3SP

Solero -  Organic Peach per ice lolly - 3SP

The Deli - Vegan Sausages...

Some new goodies in Aldi at the moment all coming up on the blog... Two new versions of their vegan sausages! Anyone tried them out?

Aldi, The Deli, Masala Roast Cauliflower Sausages
1 sausage - 1 SP
2 sausages - 3SPs

Aldi, The Deli, Red Pepper & Butternut Squash Sausages
1 sausage - 1 SP
2 sausages - 3SPs

Breyers High Protein Ice cream

The freezers in the shops are full at the moment, so time to stock up on your favs! 
These Breyers High Protein Vanilla Caramel bars are SO good! Spotted in Tesco!

Breyers - High Protein vanilla caramel ice cream bar
per bar - 4SP

SuperValu 'Free From' pizza bases!

One for the Gluten Free Dolls out there... SuperValu has new GF bases in the freezer section.. I normally make my pizzas with wraps but if you were doing it for a gang of friends and needed a GF base it would definitely be an option... Load it up with free veggies and passata and you can spend the rest of your SmartPoints on CHEEEEEEESE! YAY! 

Anyone tried them yet?

SuperValu Free From Stone Baked Pizza Bases
per 200g base - 17SP
per 100g (half the base) - 8SP

Pat the Baker...

 I love slimbos, they're a great for making toasties or as burger buns... 
These are the high protein ones from Pat the Baker for those trying the low carb thing... x

Pat the Baker
Protein Plus Slimbo - 3SP

Janet’s Just Delicious Sauces...

A lovely range of sauces from Janet's Just Delicious... These were in my local Supervalu and there's no added sugar or salt in them so they're full of flavour and low in SmartPoints... Definitely one to have in the cupboard for emergencies! Anyone else tried them out? 

Janet Just Delicious Arrabiata Tomato & Chilli Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Janet Just Delicious Roast Red Pepper & Rosemary Sauce
per 350g jar - 4SP

Janet Just Delicious Classic Roast Tomato Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Janet Just Delicious Basil & Roast Garlic Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Vegans Cornettos!

Ice cream season coming and here's something for the GF Vegan dolls!
Anyone tried them?

Vegan Cornetto - 9SPs

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