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'P' - #xmascountdown

'P' is for... 
Patience... I can't tell you how many times I've heard 'I'm on week two and I've stayed the same even though I lost 4 lbs last week and I did the exact same thing... It's just not working...' or variations of the same... every week I get messages along the same lines... 

No one went to bed and woke up 4 stone heavier... so you won't wake up 4 stone lighter either! You've got to give yourself a chance... some weeks you've got to let your body catch up with you... Throwing in the towel after one week just puts you on the endless loop of yo-yo dieting... I know because I've done this MANY MANY times... I've rejoined more times than I've had hot dinners because the weight just didn't fall off me! It's taken me 3 years to lose 8st 12lbs... and trust me, it took a lot longer for it to go on... so give yourself a chance... 

'P' is for...
Portion control... take 10 mins this weekend to just weigh out some pasta, cereal or rice... and look at it... feel the weight of it in your hands so you know what 3PP of pasta feels like... I do this at least once a month and leave two small freezer bags on my work top so I can see just how much pasta I should be eating... it's so easy to guess, and as the week goes on, 3PP of cereal can really be 5PP and you'll be left wondering how you didn't lose weight... get yourself a smaller plate... use the ice cream scoop to measure out your potatoes... it's small things that will keep you in check... 


This week I'm sending you all to a fantastic blogger... 'It suzy to be fat'.. Jennifer has collected some fabulous recipes from other sites for low PP pumpkin dishes (I am a HUGE pumpkin fan!) on her blog so check her out >>> HERE <<< ... PS: I've made the protein pumpkin pancakes and they were incredible! 

Image ©ItSuxToBeFat

Image ©ItSuxToBeFat

If you don't already, then you need to follow Jen from Prior Fat Girl... her honesty is just incredible... every post is heartfelt and, like me, she still struggles... it hasn't been easy, she's had to work really hard but she's done it... and she's still working hard to do it and I love that about her journey... the site is hosted but other 'prior fat girls' all on their journeys and it's one of my go to sites when I get the wobbles and think I'm never going to get there... Check out their stories >>> HERE <<< 

'P' Zero Heros

Peaches (fresh or in juice NO SYRUP!)
Pears.. same as above! 
Peas - the sugar snap kind not the tinned ones... 
Pickled gherkins (If there is a heaven I'll be eating these ALL day long there!) 
Peppers.. red, orange, yellow, green... all of em! 
Pineapple... one of natures best sweeteners! 
Just don't add it to sugar free jelly or it won't set... 

and, oh happy days.. 

Taste Mexico!

Mexican anyone?! The new TASTE range from M&S have these and so many more to choose from... Anyone given these a try? Do let me know! x


Chicken Fajitas per 238g (half pack.. 2 fajitas) - 10PP 

Chicken Enchiladas per 240g (half pack) - 11PP

Chilli Beef Nachos... wait for it... 
per 225g (half pack) - 20PP

Mini Chicken Fajitas per fajita - 1PP
Sour cream dip 33g pot - 2PP

Chorizo, tomato and pepper molletes per 100g (half pack) - 5PP 

TASTE from M&S - ASIA Part 2!

More goodies from the delicious new TASTE range from Marks & Spencer... Yummy treats from Japan, Vietnam and Thailand! Final instalment from Mexico tomorrow! YAY! If you've tried any let me know! x


Katsu Fish Curry with rice balls this serves 4 - 
Breaded fish per 100g - 6PP
Rice balls per 100g - 6PP
Katsu Sauce per 100g - 2PP

Katsu Chicken with fragrant rice per 360g portion - 18PP

Teriyaki Salmon per 220g portion - 7PP

Miso Yaki Chicken Noodles per 400g portion - 14PP
(it suggests one serving but I think it's big enough to share!)

Prawn & Mangetout Gyoza with Ponzu dip per 200g - 8PP
Ponzu dip 40g - 1PP


Chicken Panang 350g tub - 14PP

Hot & Sour King Prawn Noodles 400g tub - 13PP

Jasmine Rice per 150g (half pack) - 6PP
300g (full pack) - 13PP

Beef Massaman 350g (full pack) - 14PP
Loads in this for two portions! 

Chicken Satay with peanut & chilli dip per 90g (half pack) - 4PP

Spicy Sweetcorn fritters with a Sweet chilli dip per fritter - 2PP
Sweet Chilli dip 40g pot - 3PP

Red Thai Fishcakes per 25g fishcake - 1PP
Sweet Chilli dip 40g pot - 2PP
(I know the dips look the same but the values are different! Go figure!) 

Crispy Calamari 60g (half pack) - 4PP
Sweet chilli dip 40g pot - 3PP


Wok fried Shaking beef 226g tub - 6PP

TASTE from M&S! Part 1!

For those of us who just haven't the time to make paella or patatas bravas once we get home... Marks & Spencer have done ALL the hard work for us... Their new range called 'TASTE' brings you the favourite dishes of the world without all the chopping and searching for ingredients... There's SO many that I've split this post into two... so here are some of the greats from Spain to Istanbul ... *drools* The asian dishes will follow tomorrow!


Hand Stripped Chargrilled Chicken, patatas bravas & garlic Alioli 400g portion - 15PP
400g is noted as  '1 portion' but honestly half the pack for 200g - 7PP 
with loads of zero veg would satisfy you!

Pork & Beef Albondigas meatballs with piquillo peppers 
This is for two people 175g (half pack) - 7PP

Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas
Per empanada - 2PP
Spicy Red pepper dip 40g pot - 2PP


Jewelled Couscous per 150g (half pack) - 8PP

Spiced lamb & apricot tagine per 175g (half pack) - 5PP


Spiced Chicken Sambousek 144g portion - 9PP


Spinach & Feta Filo Tart per 200g tart - 12PP

Moussaka Filo Tart per 200g tart - 11PP

Beef Stifado per 175g (half pack) - 4PP


Feta & Herb Boreks with dip 
per borek - 2PP
dip 50g pot - 1PP

Lamb & pistachio kofte flatbreads per 208g (half pack) - 12PP

Lamb Kofte Pide 165g (full pack) - 5PP 


Aromatic Rice 150g (half pack) - 5PP

Piquillo Pepper Tortilla 
per 100g - 3PP

Aromatic Chicken & Rice with Mojo Dressing 400g pack - 13PP
(I know!!! I want Mojo dressing with EVERYTHING!)

King Prawn & Chargrilled Chicken Paella 400g - 15PP
A VERY filling dinner and big enough to share... 

Fideua Noodle Paella with Spicy Sausage & Chorizo 400g - 17PP

All the asian dishes coming tomorrow! 

One small thing...

Don't let one meal... one bar of chocolate... one night out, stop your journey... 

It's just a hiccup... it's life... and it happens to everyone... 

Don't be the person who gives up because of one small thing... 

'O' - #xmascountdown

'O' is for ..

Obese... Overweight... yes there is an epidemic on the way... in fact it's pretty much here... and it can be a real struggle sometimes when all the bad foods are cheap and easy to make, and the foods that are good for us are over priced... I was in a shop recently, I hadn't planned my lunch properly, so I needed to make some good decisions... I veered away from the deli counter... bought my self a packet of cooked chicken and a wrap... when I spotted 4 sausage rolls for €2 yet the punnet of strawberries I looked at were €4... it's difficult to make decisions sometimes but you've got to remember food is fuel for your body... and eating 4 sausage rolls might be lovely and trust me in times past I would have managed it no problem... but the one message I would tell people about my weight loss is the effect it is having on my life now is just a complete 180 on before.. my back doesn't hurt.. my knees are better... I can walk and walk and walk and not need a paramedic... my skin is clearer...  my parents aren't worried about me anymore... I'm wearing brighter colours and feeling good about me, which in turn makes the people who hang out with me feel good too... I've lost weight and I've lost the negativity that comes with some people... if you look after you, everyone in your life benefits... you'll be a more energetic mum, a colleague who is up for anything... a friend who doesn't say no all the time because they have nothing to wear or they're afraid someone will make a comment about them... you will be a better version of you and everyone reaps the rewards... so make the start... one meal doesn't wipe out a whole week and do it for yourself... and if someone doesn't like it... it's their problem, not yours... x


The amazing Angela from 'Oh She glows' has amazing recipes for the meat, dairy and gluten free amongst you...  Her blog is all about using food as a fuel, tasty fuel, and nourishing yourself from the inside out! Check here out >>> HERE <<< 

Omlette Muffins... These are fast, easy and SO good... PLUS make a batch and you've got breakfast done for the week! You can add pretty much ANYTHING to these so all your zero hero favourites! This recipe from Marjorie over on 'A pinch of Healthy' is a great one to try out if you've never made it before... its' got the method and you can change up the ingredients once you get confident! The link is >>> HERE <<< 

My version is here >>> HERE <<< 


Dont' forget OCTBER!!! They Instagram challenge is starting today! YAY!

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