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Kabuto Noodles

I'm a devil for packaging... be it make up or food I'm just drawn to it! I spotted these in my local greengrocer / deli... Normally I steer well clear of anything like this but I thought I'd SmartPoint them just to see... high enough but there 450g in each one once they're 'cooked' so it's a decent portion... 


Kabuto Rice Noodles, Vegetable Laksa
per 450g as consumed - 10SP

Kabuto Rice Noodles, Chilli Chicken Ramen
per 450g as consumed - 11SP

Kabuto Rice Noodles, Miso Ramen
per 450g as consumed - 9SP

Kabuto Rice Noodles, Beef Pho
per 450g as consumed - 9SP

Kabuto Rice Noodles, Chicken Ramen
per 450g as consumed - 10SP 

Note to self...

If you've ever had a binge you will totally get this post... 

I have had an emotional connection with food since I was a child... for as long as I can remember it's been a friend and an enemy... When I left school and started college and uni, I took control something that for so long had been controlled for me... and I lost the run of myself with that power! 

I became so good at hiding my eating disorder that I used to be secretly so pleased with myself, that I had 'conned' my friends and family... in fact some of them still don't know! That mindset of feeling like I'd won some prize by bingeing and purging without anyone knowing was all in my head... All I felt at the end of every binge was unhappy... sick... sore... my teeth hurt... my stomach ached... my whole body would shake and I'd be sitting on the floor in floods of tears wondering how someone smart like me ended up like this... It was a vicious cycle that took years for me to break and there are still times when I binge, but I've learned to control it a lot more... You don't need to have an eating disorder to know how it works... if you're an emotional eater then you've been there... when you eat crap, when you fill your body up with processed foods and over indulge in alcohol you body makes it pretty clear its not happy... That 1 minute of satisfaction ends up making you miserable... The trick is to realise what's making you unhappy, and find the solution without using food... I know sometimes only a chocolate bar will make you feel any better but 2 bars... 3... not fixing the problem just muting it for a while... 

Crappy food (although it's delicious thanks to all the additives!) make crappy skin, crappy sleep... craving even more rubbish to satisfy that slat and sugar overdose, and feeling like you're a human waste bin (which FYI does NOTHING for your self esteem!) not to mention how your body deals with the aftermath! 

Sure we all indulge in a night out but when you eat well, and drink enough water.. you feel better... It's learning to limit the crap, indulge once in a while... Nothing is off the menu but remember when a bar of chocolate was a treat? Not a daily energy boost... 

Give your body the fuel it needs this week... and you'll feel amazing!  

Savour Bakes, Thins...

These are VERY popular in casa Kinsella! See, as a crisp junkie anything salty and crunchy is a win with me! These THINS are from ALDI and the Sweet chilli ones are to die for (honestly, no drama here, they are FAB!), for 1SP per thin they'll satisfy that crunch but don't forget to point what you put on top! 


Savour Bakes Thins, Sweet Chilli
per 8g thin - 1SP
2 x thins - 2SP
3 x thins - 3SP

Savour Bakes Thins, Multi seed
Per 10g thin - 1SP
2 x thins - 2SP
3 x thins - 3SP

Savour Bakes Thins, Cheddar & Cracked Black pepper 
Per 7g thin - 1SP
2 x thins - 2SP
3 x thins - 3SP

You are more!

It's very easy to get hung up on numbers when you're losing weight... the scales can make us joyful or miserable... a number on a label in a pair of jeans can make up feel like we're not working hard enough... See, I'm a numbers gal... I love tracking, I love measuring stuff out for recipes but I don't always love what the scales says when I think I've had a good week and I 'deserve' a loss... It can be the very thing that starts me thinking that it's not working... but think about all the other things... Did that jacket zip up on you this week? Are your clothes feeling looser? Have you lost inches? Did someone mention how well you look? Did you get up the stairs without breaking a sweat? Did you walk further than you did last month? Have you passed your goal for your daily steps count? Is your skin clearer from all the water you've been drinking? 

The scales is just one tool in the weight loss box... Don't let it stop your journey!


Beanz.. meanz... yup, we all remember the ad! 
These are out at the moment and if you're a bean fan (I LOVE THEM!) it's nice to add a a bit of variety... The problem when you're trying to eat healthy all the time is you get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing over and over because you know the points of it and it's easier to just stick with what you know... Add half a tin of these to a baked potato is a fab dinner! Really filling and SO easy on these wet and miserable nights! Worth a look if you're a bean fan! 


Heinz Creationz - Lentil Curry
per 195g half tin - 4SP 
per 390g tin - 8SP 

Heinz Creationz - Tagine Chickpeas
per 195g half tin - 6SP 
per 390g tin - 12SP 

Heinz Creationz - Veg Chilli Beanz
per 195g half tin - 4SP 
per 390g tin - 9SP 

Heinz Creationz - Mexican Beanz
per 195g half tin - 4SP 
per 390g tin - 9SP 

It IS painful...

For some people, heading off to the park in the morning for a 5k run is completely normal and a pleasure... for more of us it's a feeling of pure dread... It starts in the bedroom before you even get out of bed, stay with me on this... 

WHAT am I going to wear? I need something that will cover me up but I won't sweat so much that someone called the paramedics! Is it raining? Maybe I shouldn't bother going? I'll go tomorrow... What shoes are comfy? Did I break-in that new pair I got two years ago enough that I won't get a blister if I wear them now? Will people be blinded by the bright pink because these trainers have never been outside my house before? I better bring some water and I'll bring some for the car too! Coat or no coat? That sweaty thing again... no make up.. ABSOLUTELY NONE... but of course the second you don't put on a lash of mascara it's like a school reunion! Water proof mascara... yep... at least I'll look like I have two eyes... Right... where will I go? Where's got a car park? (Don't say you haven't thought it too!?) ... and not TOO busy... I don't want to say good morning to the world whilst they think 'she'll be a while stomping around here losing all that fat!' but not too quiet that there's not someone around to call an ambulance! Will I need a scarf, I'll probably die of over heating but people will stare at me if I don't wear a scarf...' The location is set and off you go... you get there... you do your walk and you feel great... So what if it was 10 mins round and back... so what if you had to stop on the way round, WHY do you think the seats are there?!?! What if everyone just stares at me? No one will stare at you, they're all too busy walking themselves... no one will mention your weight... You may be breathless and you had to stop twice ... but you did it... now tomorrow we'll aim to only stop once!

That my friends is how you start... you go through the mind games and that's all they are MIND GAMES... You LEAVE the house and one foot in front of the other you do your first walk... and tomorrow you will do it again... when I first started walking I left my house in the dark of night and walked for 10 mins... and I HAD to walk home I wouldn't dare call someone to come get me I'd be mortified! 20 mins of walking done! Yes, it did hurt... I was carrying three people on my joints... I was tired... I did get blisters and it was sore but soon 10 mins became 15 mins and I realised I was much further from the house that I'd been the previous week... I could walk to get the paper and back... NOTE: ONLY bring enough money for the paper!  You will be surprised at how quickly you progress... last year I did the mini marathon... I had done it years ago and honestly never thought I would do it again... so it can be done... those aches and pains are worth the results... take that first baby step today as painful as it might be... x

March - #wwphotoaday

March! MARCH is upon us already! Wasn't it New Years Eve only last weekend?!?! EEK!

For those who do the #WWPHOTOADAY challenge over on Instagram here's my fav month!
St. Patricks Day, my birthday... love it! Plus daffodils are in full swing, lotsa rugby and the evenings getting brighter! YAY!

Play along everyday or just pop in whenever you fancy and don't forget to use the # so you can see what everyone is up to... it's great for sharing ideas and getting tips!

Can't wait to see this months pics... you'll find me >>> HERE !

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