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Chef Tomato ketchup...

I know a few eye roll at these kinda posts but if you're watching your sugar intake or the amount of salt in your diet, it's kinda handy to know there's brands out there who have different versions of products you like! I'm a huge Chef Tomato Sauce, I'd go as far as to say a Chef Sauce Snob! So when I spot these I buy them to have in the cupboard... SmartPoints wise you're not going yo break the back with either ... Anyone else a fan? Can we start a Club? x

AND made in Ireland and you all know how I love to shop local! 

Chef 50% less sugar & 25% less salt Tomato Ketchup
15g - 1SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 2SP

Chef 60% less sugar & 50% less salt Tomato Ketchup with Stevia
15g - 0SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 1SP

Goodfellas Pizza Romano

Spotted these in the freezer section recently thought I'd SmartPoint them to see how they worked out... There's a couple more flavours on the Goodfella's website with the nutritional information if these don't rock your boat... x

Goodfella's Pizza Romano
Calabrese Salami & Spicy Sausage
per half pizza - 15SP

Goodfella's Pizza Romano
Chicken Spicy Roquito Pepper & Red Onion
per half pizza - 14SP

Reduced fat multi packs from M&S!

Multi-packs of my favs from M&S are now available in a reduced fat version... The problem I have personally is, I'd need Jason Stathem to fight me to keep the other 5 bags away from me! By the way Jason if you're reading this... that job is available! *swoon* 

M&S Reduced Fat - Cheese Tasters
per 19g bag - 3SP

M&S Reduced Fat - Salt & Vinegar Squares
per 23g bag - 3SP

M&S Reduced Fat - Bacon Rashers
per 18g bag - 2SP

Mayflower Ready Made Sauces...

I'm a huge fan of the Mayflower curry sauce, it's SO handy when you want a quick easy dinner! The southern style gravy is lovely too. So when I spotted these I wondered how they'd do SP wise, a lot of processed sauces have loads of hidden sugars in them... I know a lot of people don't like to make sauces from scratch so I've done these per tub and for 100g which is still a lot for one portion... Anyone tried these? x

Mayflower Chilli Black Bean Sauce
per 100g - 3SP
per 400g tub - 14SP

Mayflower Cantonese Sweet & Sour Sauce
per 100g - 8SP
per 400g tub - 31SP

Mayflower Cantonese Satay Stir Fry Sauce
per 100g - 6SP
per 400g tub - 22SP

Fruit-tella 30% less sugar...

OK so I worked out the full sugar versions of both of these and the 30% less sugar isn't that great of a saving to me, and that's purely because I'd give these away with my mother for a bag of cheese and onion crisps! The marketing spin is these are they're 30% less sugar, so you're tempted to pick them over the full sugar version thinking they're better for you and they would be... but there's 15g worth of sweets less in these too... Just a thought... x

Fruit-tella 30% less sugar Strawberry flavour sweets
per 120g bag - 20SP

The full sugar version is 25SP for 120g
but the bag you buy is 135g and 28SP...

Fruit-tella 30% less sugar Summer Fruits flavour sweets
per 120g bag - 20SP

Again the full sugar version is 25SP for 120g 
but the bag you buy is 135g and 28SP...

De-light-ly from Dale Farm

Some 0% added sugar greek style yoghurt from Dale Farm up today... Same SPs as the Light & Free ones so good value if you prefer a flavoured yoghurt... 

Dale Farm, De-light-ly
Greek Style Strawberry Yoghurt - 2SP per pot

Dale Farm, De-light-ly
Greek Style Raspberry & Blueberry Yoghurt - 2SP per pot

Dale Farm, De-light-ly
Greek Style Peach & Passion fruit Yoghurt - 2SP per pot

Overnight Oats from Flahavan's...

Spotted these on my supermarket sweep and as a fan of overnight oats, I'm not sure I'd buy into the marketing on these... I suppose if you wanted to get all the pumpkin & sunflower seeds already in there and didn't want the hassle of doing that yourself then it's ok... I usually weigh out my oats and 40g sees me through the day with the greek yoghurt and a load of fruit but the portion sizes on these are 45g so I've done out the SPs for both... anyone tried them? x

Flahavan's Overnight Oats
Apple & Raspberry
per 40g - 5SP
per 45g - 5SP

Flahavan's Overnight Oats
Apple & Raspberry
per 40g - 5SP
per 45g - 6SP

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