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C'mon now, honestly... what do you think when you hear the word 'ONLY'?

I am an only child, I'm not spoilt, genuinely I'm not, my folks went to Australia with the shirts on their backs, good work ethics and sheer determination to make something better for themselves and they did but money was tight like everyone else who had emigrated back in the 70s, and my mum was all over discipline, when she said 'no' she meant it... it wasn't up for negotiation, that still stands today! I was spoilt ONLY with time and love... and people often feel sorry for me, which I just don't get... My mum is the eldest of 12 children and my dad is in the middle of 10 siblings but I had an idyllic childhood... I'm very privileged and very lucky, I know this... We travelled around the world because of my dads job and my mums wanderlust, which I definitely have, as soon as my plane lands in Dublin airport, I'm booking a flight anywhere I can afford! Still... being an only child wasn't a bad thing... Did I miss out not having siblings? I don't think so, how can you miss what you don't understand... Would life have been different? Probably but we'll never know will we... people often pity me because I'm an only child, but I wouldn't want it any other way to be honest... my mum and dad are my best friends...

There are so many ways people use the word only... with Valentines day just around the corner every where is bedecked in 'for your one and only...' ... to think you are the one and the only one for someone is wonderful...

However... in the last few weeks I've seen people losing 'ONLY 2 lbs' ... 'ONLY half a pound' ...'ONLY 1 lb' ... people, if you were in the class last December, you would have been a hero and given a tiara for ONLY losing anything!  Like with all weight loss programmes, the first week is a shock to the system... big losses are inevitable... and some people can continue those all the way to goal and good on them... but most people lose weight the healthy way... 1 - 2 lbs a week.. that's the way it's going to STAY off... we've all done fad diets.. shakes.. juices... cabbage... grapefruit.. you name it, I have a lot of t-shirts, and lost the pounds needed to get into a frock for a 'do' but it always goes back on because the 'quick fix' is just that.. QUICK... not permanent... if any of those fads worked, we'd all be skinny and I'd be a travel blogger... Drastic changes to the system makes us drop weight quickly... When you use a quick fix, the results disappear quickly, I know I've tried... but remember maintaining is a victory some weeks, knowing you've been bold and ONLY putting on a half a pound is a victory, hopping on the scales doubting yourself and seeing a loss means you're subconsciously making better choices and that's a victory, being up even after a good week is crap, but if you worked for it, it will show... staying the same but needing a pin to keep your pants up, is a victory... losing ONLY a pound is the perfect way to do it... 1lb a week is over 3 stone and a half stone a year! And losing a pound a week is a steady, healthy way to do it, so you can still enjoy life, you all know I'm all over having fun! My friends son is just over 6 stone, and when I tried to pick him up I couldn't... yet I've ONLY lost one and a half of him... think about it... Next time you're in the supermarket, pick up a pound of butter and imagine that pound of lard ONLY strapped to your belly, thighs or arse... see what I mean...

We are all part of an elite club... we all GET each other... Our skinny friends, relations, colleagues just think we can ONLY have one slice of birthday cake and we can't! So surrounding yourself with people who get it is important... We're all in the weight loss boat together, and we all here support each other... and that's the ONLY thing we need to remember...

The only ONLY you should know! 
(If you don't know who this is.. we can't be friends!) 

Oh flip...

It's happening, it's happening on Tuesday... 
and here's some ready mixes you'll see on the shelves over the next few days,
brace yourselves... 

Sowan's Spelt Pancake Mix, 250g pack - 23SP
Per 40g serve made with eggs and whole milk - 1SP

Pure Bred Bakery Pancake mix, gluten & wheat free, per 140g pack - 20SP
You just add water to this mix... 

Oldies Perfect Pancake Flour per 250g (half pack) - 24SP
You need to add eggs and milk to this mix... 

Odlums Crepe Style Pancake Mix, per 250g tub - 32SP
You need to add milk to this mix... 

Oldies American Style Pancakes per 300g tub - 44SP
I KNOW!!! 
You need to add milk to this mix...

Odlums Gluten Free Pancake Mix, per 175g tub - 19SP
You need to add milk to this mix... 

Home Cook Pancake mix per 400g mix - 14SP

Gilbert American Ready Made Pancakes, for 400g, 8 pancakes - 64SP
NOT A TYPO!!!! I checked these 20 times! Run away! 

Galbert Large Ready Made Pancakes for 540g, 8 pancakes - 38SP

Galberts Mini Pancakes, per 300g bag - 37SP

Why you should NEVER throw out a cookbook...

I'm annoyed... I don't let many things annoy me... most of the time I just let drama pass me by and get on with my own stuff... I've had to learn how to do that but once you get the hang of it, it's amazing how ridiculous things sound and how good you get at eye rolling! However... last week I spotted someone who is very unhappy that Weight Watchers have changed the plan... there's lot of people who don't like Smart Points and that's ok... now remember I don't work for Weight Watchers, the plan works for me, the plan still works for me... For lots of reasons medically, it's taking me longer than the average human to lose it but it works better than any other plan I've tried... Smart Points are OK in my camp, so were ProPoints but ya gotta move with the times! I was down 2lbs after Christmas, up 1lb, then down 1.5lbs last week... however... this person was angry... and very annoyed... 'WHY did they change the plan?'...'I'm going to have learn it ALL again'... 'it's all just to get our money by making us change calculators and buy new cookbooks...' 'ALL the cook books will be useless now...' This... this cookbook statement is what set me off...


OK WW is a business... a successful business... and they want to make money... that's just common sense, and the plan has to change regularly to shake up the system and to get members back in the swing of things... how many of us got complacent with ProPoints?! But without members there's no WW so it has to work or we'd all be queueing up somewhere else to weigh in! I'm pretty sure there wasn't a 5 minute meeting to say 'hey lets change the plan and they'll all have to buy new stuff.. Christmas bonus sorted!' Lots of research had to be done, lots of people tested it, tried it out, worked out formulas... before it ever hit us poor unsuspecting public... and if it's not for you then don't do it... I haven't seen anyone chained to a chair in my class and it's packed every week! Slimming world classes are full too with people who like THAT plan.. Unislim classes are full of people who like THAT programme... Gyms are packed at the moment with all kinds of people doing all kinds of plan that WORK FOR THEM! If there was a one size fits all plan then we'd all be skinny!

Beside my bed is a stack of cookbooks, I love reading them, I'll always buy a foodie mag when I travel.. especially when I'm away, I buy them in languages I can't even speak cause I eat with my eyes... but throwing a tantrum or chucking out a cookbook because it's not Smart Pointed for you... makes you lazy! Let me introduce you to the invention called the pencil! 

When I saw the changes with Smart Points I took a pencil to my fav recipes, not every recipe in every book, just the dog eared ones that I use over and over again, the ones that have post it notes with little messages only I can read... I sat on my couch watching my fav tv programmes and every ad break I went through them and Smart Pointed them... all with my trusted pencil! I'm a rebel huh?!

There's no conspiracy... no one is ganging up on anyone! And here's why... the calculator is online for free or if you want to buy one, you can get one in your meeting... The kitchen scales is at your meetings too, yes, they're very handy but honestly you don't need one, weighing your food on a normal kitchen scales and entering the values on your calculator is the exact same! You only have to do this once of twice with your favourite things and you'll know the Smart Point Values! Finally, WW HAVE Smart Pointed all the old cookbooks out there... so for those who want a quick fix I've posted them below... so now you can find your favourite, get your pencil and write it in your cookbook! *breathes*

But never... NEVER... throw out a cookbook or a baking fairy dies! You want THAT on your conscience?! 


You say...To-may-to ... I say Tom-aahhhhh-to...

Before I started this journey, I would just pick up soup and go, 'Tomato, sure that's bound to be healthy...' no so... here's just some of the tomato soups I spotted today with Smart Points varying from 2SP - 8SP per portion... The amount of sugar in some of them is shocking!

Reading labels is officially my new hobby!

Tesco Creamy Tomato soup 300g - 7SP
600g tub - 13SP

Tesco Tomato & Basil soup 300g - 4SP
600g - 9SP

Tesco Finest Italian plum tomato & mascarpone soup, 300g portion - 7SP
600g tub - 15SP

Kindle Bay Tomato & Basil Soup, 200g portion - 2SP
400g tub - 3SP

Henna Cream of Tomato Soup 400g tin - 8SP

Knorr Tomato Soup per 250ml portion made up - 4SP
There are 3 portions in the pack once it's made...

Knorr Rich & Hearty Spicy Tomato soup, per 390g portion - 8SP

Erin Cream of Tomato Condensed soup per 100g prepared - 3SP

Baxter Cream of Tomato soup, per 100g - 3SP
per 400g tin - 11SP

Tesco Finest Italian Tomato & Mascarpone Soup 200g portion - 5SP
400g tin - 11SP

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