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Granola and muesli get a bad rap on SmartPoints because they're have a lot of dried fruit... If I'm not having porridge in the morning, I like a bit of fruit and yoghurt...
With fruit being 0SP I like to spend the points on a bit of crunch in the morning! I've tried the 'Just Honey' version of this brand and it's really nice! 2SP for a 15g tbsp adds a bit of crunch to a breakkie that can get a bit dull... 

This range is Irish and handmade in Galway, you'll find it in SuperValu! 


Bowl-a-Granola, Honey & Ginger
per 45g serv - 7SP

per 45g serv - 6SP

Bowl-a-Granola, Honey & Cinnamon
per 45g serv - 7SP

Bowl-a-Granola, Just Honey, Honey!
per 45g serv - 7SP
per 15g - 2SP

Super Soupfulls

I spotted these the other day in my local SuperValu on a pop up stand and thought I'd point them to see how Super they really were! I've tried the spicy butternut & red pepper one and it was really nice!

I know you can make it yourself for 0SP but there are so many people who don't have the time or even like making soup, so this could be a good alternative! The pouches are 350g so it's a good size portion, if you had it over 2 days was part of your lunch your lunch it would certainly keep you fuller for longer on these wintery days!

Anyone tried them yet?


Erin, Super Soupfulls, Spicy Butternut & Red Pepper
per 350g pouch - 4SP

Erin, Super Soupfulls, Chicken & Ancient Grains
per 350g pouch - 5SP

Erin, Super Soupfulls, Tomato & Three Bean 
per 350g pouch  - 5SP

Christmas with M&S...

Last one before it all kicks off! If you're offered a treat and it's from M&S here's the SmartPoints for you! Gotta love M&S though... Prosecco Crisps.. Genius!


M&S, Lattice Topped Mince Pies
per 50g pie - 9SP

M&S, All Butter Mince Pies
per 58g pie - 11SP

M&S, All Butter Mini Mince Pies
per 19g pie - 4SP

M&S, The Collection, Star Mince Pies

per 53g pie - 9SP

M&S, Made without Wheat, Christmas Pudding
per 100g mini pudding - 15SP

M&S, Classic Recipe, Christmas Pudding 
per 100g serv - 16SP

M&S, Made without Wheat, Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding
per quarter pudding 114g - 17SP

M&S, Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding
per 100g mini pudding - 15SP

M&S, Christmas Top Iced Holly Fruit Cake
per 76g slice (one-twelfth) - 12SP

M&S, Christmas Iced Fruit Cake Slices
per 42g slice - 8SP

M&S, The Collection, Vintage Fruit Cake
per 92g slice (one-quarter) - 16SP

M&S, The Collection, Festive Stollen Slices
per 40g slice - 6SP

per 100g (half box) - 19SP
per 200g box - 38SP

M&S, Turkey Feast Soup
300g (half pot) - 4SP

M&S Turkey & Pigs in Blankets
per 180g pack - 15SP

M&S, Dessert Menu, Mini Macaroons
per 12g Macaroon - 2SP

M&S, Chocolate Fruit Cups
per 16g cup - 2SP

M&S, Posh Profiteroles
per 65g serv - 12SP
per profiterole - 4SP

M&S, Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups
per 17.5g cookie cup - 4SP

M&S, Passion Fruit Profiteroles
per 23g profiterole - 4SP

M&S, Mini Melting Middle Puddings
per 35g pudding - 6SP

M&S, Maple Bacon Tortilla Rolls
per 30g serv - 5SP
per 190g bag - 30SP

M&S, Salted Caramel Snowflakes
per 30g serv - 4SP
per 275g bag - 36SP

M&S, The Collection, Bucks Fizz Potato Crisps
Per 30g (one-fifth pack) - 5SP
Per 150g bag - 24SP

M&S, The Collection, Winter Berries & Prosecco Potato Crisps
Per 30g (one-fifth pack) - 5SP
Per 150g bag - 24SP

Festive treats...

A few other festive treats you might be tempted with when visiting the relations!


Cadbury Festive Flake cakes
per 25g cake - 6SP

Cadbury Festive Mini Yule logs
per 27g Yulelog - 6SP

Cadbury Festive Cake Bars
per 30g cake bar - 7SP

Cadbury Festive Rudolph cakes 
per 30g cake - 7SP

Lindt Christmas Teddy Bears
 per 10g bear - 3SP
per 50g pack - 14SP

per 3 triangles (20g) - 6SP
per 60g pack - 17SP

Rose Confectionary 'Rudolph's Red Noses' Strawberry popcorn
per 100g tub - 17SP

Mr. Kiplings' Christmas...

Festive offerings from the Master Baker himself! Mr. K and his Christmas goodies!

I was asked the other day why I bother SmartPointing all these Christmas things... my number one reason is, if I'm at someones' house and they offer me a mince pie, slice of cake, choccie or other munchie with a cuppa... I only have to say 'oh that's lovely! Where's it from?' and I know how many points I can use even if I only eat half!' I told you my points are like money!


Mr. Kipling Winter Whirls
per 28g whirl - 6SP

Mr. Kipling Elf Slices
per 27g slice - 5SP

Mr. Kipling Festive Bakewells
per 44g tart - 9SP

Mr. Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies
per 60g pie - 10SP


You all know I'm a rugby fan at this stage so the title shouldn't come as a surprise to my Irish followers! 

Today it's another Irish company and their Xmas goodies which I found in my local SuperValu store! A range that's gluten, dairy and wheat free and some are suitable for vegans too! 

Note: To my UK, USA and Aussie followers it's a national rugby song in these parts and these xmas goodies are created in the very spot the song is about! 


The Foods of Athenry Very Fruity Starry Mince Pies
per pie - 11SP

The Foods of Athenry A Very Delicious Christmas Pudding
per 50g serv - 8SP

The Foods of Athenry A Truly Heavenly Christmas Cake
per 50g serv - 8SP
per 600g cake - 96SP

The Foods of Athenry A Truly Joyous Chocolate Biscuit Celebration Cake
per 50g serv - 9SP

The Foods of Athenry A Very Fruity Mincemeat
per 15g tbsp - 2SP
per 320g jar - 48SP

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