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Time for HUGS!

Regular readers will know that I champion local products and Irish businesses all the way... 
I'm a true believer in supporting home grown products, wherever you are on the planet! 

Recently 'Hugs' came into my life... 

Healthy Unique Gorgeous Stuff

Now whilst SmartPoints aren't very choccie friendly, these little boxes of loveliness are! All natural ingredients, dairy free, gluten free with now refined sugars are friendly to Vegans these little boxes are PERFECT stocking fillers for the festive season! Each one packs a punch of flavour so you're not going to want to eat the lot in one mouthful... they're 2SP per sweetie but check out the diet maths per box! Don't question the magic ok!

For the Wexicans who are on here, you lucky lot can pick them up in your local SuperValu and they are in Slievemore Pharmacy in Stillorgan and Wilde & Green in Miltown for the Dubliners! They are also going to be at the Clontarf Christmas Fair in St. Anthony's Hall this Sunday if you're out and about! €10 for the 3 boxes! But keep your eyes peeled as they get more stockists over the next few months! 


HUGS Chocolate, orange, date & nut sweets
per 10g sweet - 2SP
per 50g box (5 sweets) - 8SP

HUGS Coconut, date & nut sweets
per 10g sweet - 2SP
per 50g box (5 sweets) - 9SP

HUGS Chocolate, lime, date & nut sweets
per 10g sweet - 2SP
per 50g box (5 sweets) - 8SP

A 'LIDL' bit of Christmas!

Lots and lots of Christmas goodies in Lidl, it's a long post!


Snowy Lodge, Luxury Mince Pies
per 66g pie - 11SP

Snowy Lodge, Belgian Chocolate sponge with shimmering cherry centre
per 125g (quarter) - 21SP

Deluxe, Luxury Christmas pudding with cherry & pecan topping
per 113.5g portion - 18SP

Favorina, Christmas pudding
per 100g pudding - 14SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury Rich Fruit Cake
per 75.6g slice (one-twelfth) - 12SP

Snowy Lodge, 6 month matured Christmas pudding
per 113.5 portion (one-quarter) - 17SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury salted caramel bombe
per 113.5 portion (half) - 18SP

Snowy Lodge, Luxury 18 month matured Christmas pudding 
per 113g portion (one-eighth) - 17SP

Favorina, Top Iced Christmas Cake
per 75.6g slice (one-twelfth) - 14SP

Favorina, Panettone Cioccolato
per 100g cake - 18SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for Steak with vanilla
per 50g pot - 5SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for poultry with orange oil
per 70g pot - 6SP

Deluxe, Seasoning mix for game
per 55g pot - 5SP 

Deluxe, roasted garlic & cracked black pepper mayonnaise
per 15g tbsp - 4SP

Deluxe, drinking chocolate amazonas 
per 25g serving - 7SP

Deluxe, mini butter pastries 
per 6.7g pastry (without any filling) - 2SP

Deluxe, Lime Chocolate Tartlets with a lime filling
per 20g tartlet - 6SP

Deluxe, Chocolate Tartlets with chocolate creme filling
per 19.5g tartlet - 6SP

Deluxe, Mini Butter Shortbread with real lemons
per 3 shortbreads 24g - 5SP

Deluxe, Treacle All Butter Cookies
per 16.7g cookie - 4SP

Deluxe, Baklava assortment
per 20g serving - 4SP

Deluxe, Butter Fudge with Christmas spices, raisins & cherries
per 25g - 6SP

Deluxe, Butter Fudge with caramel & cornish sea salt
per 25g - 6SP

Deluxe, Irish Cream Liqueur Truffles
per 11.4g truffle - 3SP

Alesto, Cranberry & macadamia nut mix
per 70g pot - 15SP

Alesto, Berry, seed & nut mix
per 70g pot - 12SP

Alesto, Nut mix
per 70g pot - 14SP

Deluxe, Walnut cheese spread
per 25g - 3SP
per 150g tub - 19SP

Deluxe, Capelin Caviar, fine grained
per 100g pot - 7SP

Deluxe, Salmon Caviar
per 50g pot - 1SP

Deluxe, Balsamic Preserve
per 15g tbsp - 2SP

Deluxe, Mini Bavarois, Lemon, Raspberry & Passion fruit
per 30g pot - 4SP

Deluxe, Mini Bavarois Chocolate 
per 30g pot - 6SP

Favorina, Butter biscuits with dark chocolate
per 25g serving - 6SP

Favorina, Christmas biscuits
per 25g serving - 6SP

Favorina,Vanilla Kipferl (shortbread biccies)
per 18g serving - 4SP

Favorina, 'Choco lolly'
per 15g lolly - 4SP

Favorina, Spiced biscuits with almonds
per 3 biscuits 30g - 6SP

Favorina, Spekulatius Spiced biscuits
per 35g serving - 7SP

Favorina, Lebkuchen Hearts with apricot & dark chocolate
per 45g serving - 8SP

Favorina, Butter Almond Stollen
per 100g - 17SP
per 750g cake - 131

Favorina, Assorted glazed Lebkuchen 
per 2 biscuits, 23g - 4SP

Favorina, Glazed Lebkuchen, part coated in dark chocolate
per 2 biscuits, 24g - 4SP

Favorina, chocolate Santa...
per 200g santa - 57SP

Favorina, Swirls with caramel sauce
per 13.5g caramel - 3SP

Favorina, Christmas bells with pistachio filling
per 12g bell - 3SP

Favorina, Hearts with praline filling
per 10.5g heart - 3SP

Favorina, Holly leaves with milk chocolate
per 10g holly leaf - 3SP

Favorina, Santa Claus with vanilla creme filling
per 13g Santa - 3SP

Partytime, Breaded cream cheese jalapeƱos
per half pack (4) - 14SP

Partytime, Duck mini spring rolls
per 18g spring roll - 2SP

Partytime, Mini pepperoni pizzas
per 27g mini pizza - 2SP

Partytime, Cheese & onion potato skins
per 62g potato skin - 3SP

Partytime, Chicken Satay skewers
per 15.5g skewer - 1SP

Partytime, Pigs in blankets
per 21g piggie - 2SP

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