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The seeds of doubt are sprouting...

It's that wobbly time of the year... not the belly wobbles (well that too, but in fairness that's all year round!) In the next few weeks, people will either knuckle down and make headway into a mini goal that they've set for themselves in time for the big 'C' OR they will sigh and say, 'I've SO much going... I'll never get down to 6 stone by then anyway... what's the point.. sure I'll start again in January and 2017 will be MY YEAR!!!' I've already heard it! The seeds of doubt are sprouting...

Let's just take a look at how far you've already come... look at the photo that sent you through the door of your first class, you're not that person any more and you've worked hard to change that picture... the 'hilarious' comment from some eejit that made you cry but yet it spurred you on to do something about it, you're just waiting for them to say it again! No one knows what you've been through, no one except you... no one knows the daily battles that you face, just you! Don't doubt yourself now... if you don't want to set your goal as a number on the scales, and honestly, sometimes that can add so much pressure and you feel like a failure when you don't get there, then set it as a feeling... how do you want to feel on 'C' day? Frumpy? Tired? lazy? Then make your goal 'I wanna sparkle on 'C' day' ... Set your goal as the energy you want to have to boogie the night away on New Years Eve... add in an extra walk during the week to make sure you're still rockin' to Wham and Mariah at 4am on the 1st of January (just me?!) ... 

Every journey is different and every journey is personal... Don't compare yours to anyone else... 

Weetabix 'On The Go'

I'm not much of a fan of shakes and protein drinks... They always remind me of meal replacements on the MANY 'diets' I've done over the years.. Plus I kinda like the whole chewing thing! I treat my SmartPoints like money, I'm too mean to spend that amount on a shake... Here's the SmartPoints for the range of breakfast drinks from Weetabix, the last pic is another drink aimed at kids for breakfast... thought it was worth adding to the pot..  

Note - The SmartPoints are per bottle, the chocolate flavour is 250ml

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Strawberry & raspberry, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Vanilla, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Blueberry & Blackberry, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Chocolate, per 250ml - 9SP

For Goodness Shakes, 'Kids On The Go' protein drink - Vanilla, per 235ml - 6SP

*ding ding* Round 3!

Round 3! Three weeks into out 'Ready-to-Rumble' Challenge to get ourselves back on track and raise as much money as we can for our lovely leader and friend Catherine! 

This week I've been poorly... So drugged up to the hilt, no tracking and no exercise (even my eyelids hurt this week!) I honestly had no idea of how I was going to go at the scales... I'm a serial tracker... when I track, and track PROPERLY, I always have a good week... it's the weeks when I guess and don't measure stuff that I'm sitting in the car park outside class in dread! So this week I was hoping to break even... but clearly the 'UNIFLU' part of the plan works for me cause I'm down 2lbs! Can I also add that because I was in bed every night by 8:30pm and passed out it meant there was none of my usual late night snacking! This is one of my biggest triggers so I definitely learned something, up the stairs by 9pm! 

Mr. Q had a gain this week so it's dish up the dollars time! 

This week I have 3 outings, so I'm going to have to be super tough with my SmartPoints and with my appetite firmly on the way back, it's track track track all the way! But remember it's all about motivating your buddy, making it a bit fun and making lots of money for the charity so it's game on for week 4! You can support our challenge and donate to Breast Cancer Ireland >>> HERE <<< We all know someone who has been touched by cancer so every cent counts... it's much appreciated! 

Also check out Cathys Cheerleaders over on Facebook! They're well and truly into their training now! So show them a little support and shake your pom poms at em! >>> HERE <<< 

We're nearly half way through this challenge already?! Where is 2016 going?!? My bank account would also like to thank John for his donation this week, when pay day is SO far away! Why is September 6 weeks long?!?!?! 

'Elevate the Everyday' from M&S

A new range on the shelves in M&S called Cook Menu - Elevate the Everyday - 
The range comes mostly in single portions, full of flavour and spices, 
the chinese pork one is on my radar! 
(I've done the half pack SmartPoints for the sharing portions too) 
Well worth checking out and very handy to have in the freezer for emergencies!


Note - the portion sizes are as listed on each pack

M&S 'Cook Menu' Soy & Ginger Salmon with oriental vegetables
per 195g pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Cod Mornay with parsley crumb
per 230g, half pack - 6SP
per 460g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Moroccan Chicken with Moroccan spiced flavour shot
per 200g, half pack - 4SP
per 400g, full pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Salmon & asparagus with creamy watercress sauce
per 160g, half pack - 6SP
per 320g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken in red wine with bacon crumb & chestnut mushrooms
per 240g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Oriental chicken marinated in soy, ginger & chilli
per 215g, full pack - 3SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Spicy tikka chicken with roasted peppers, onions & cauliflower 
per 240g, full pack - 5SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Fruity piri piri chicken with yellow pepper & mango sauce
per 226g, full pack - 3SP
(this one is in my freezer!)

M&S 'Cook Menu' Herb & parsnip crusted lamb
with a red wine jus & honey roasted parsnips
per 290g, full pack - 9SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Harvest chicken with bacon crumb and roasted vegetables
(sorry wobbly moment in M&S!)
per 257g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chinese style pork with aromatic 5 spice sauce
per 200g, full pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Mexican chicken with seared peppers & red onions
per 240g, full pack - 5SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Thai green chicken with aromatic spice flavour shot
per 202g, full pack - 4SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Pesto chicken with tomato tapenade & pesto flavour shot
per 185g, full pack - 4SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, bacon & mushroom with a mushroom & tarragon melt
per 195g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Garlic & herb chicken with garlic butter, spiralized butternut & kale
per 195g, full pack - 11SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Cajun chicken with seared red peppers, chilli & coriander
per 220g, half pack - 5SP
per 440g, full pack - 9SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, cheese & leek gratin...
per 195g, half pack - 6SP
per 390g, full pack - 11SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken & Prosciutto with a melting cheese sauce
per 208g, half pack - 6SP
per 416g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, lemon & parmesan with smoked bacon, spinach & cherry tomatoes
per 188g, half pack - 6SP
per 376g, full pack - 11SP

It's for life...

Frustrating isn't it... you give it your all... The perfect tracker, ALL the water and thousands of steps counted but nada... nothing... zero... When I gained all this weight, I honestly didn't take notice of any of it... I avoided mirrors.. I bought bigger looser clothes... avoided going out and pretended nothing was happening... but I didn't gain all this weight over a few months... it crept on... over years of neglect... never caring about my body... disrespecting myself... abusing the only body I have! So to think that after a perfect week that gold card is waiting for me is nothing short of lunacy... and I know I'm a bit cray cray as the kids say!  

This is the time of year when people are either driving the wagon or about to jump ship... it's only 14 weeks till Santa... and some people will just write it off with a 'no, no... wait till you see... 2017 is the year for me...' but 14 weeks can mean a stone gone by Christmas... 14lbs closer to goal... 14 weeks to work at being a better version of you...  

I know it's a cliche... I know it's said over and over again everywhere but if you're like me, we're in this for life... The rest of our lives and there will never come a time when we can just stop thinking about treating our bodies well... Yes, we can relax for a couple of weeks on holiday... even enjoy the munchies over Christmas... certainly on birthdays, I mean birthday cake never counts on any healthy eating plan! But I'm always going to have to reign it back in after the fun times... I'm always going to have to think about staying on track, and feeling better for it... Honestly, I'm OK with it now... for a long time I thought it was a punishment... WHY ME?!?! How come my skinny friends can have a chinese on Friday, brunch on Saturday and a full size popcorn at the flicks on a Sunday?! Well I can have all those too, but at cost to MY health... and remember... it's all about ME... my journey is all about me... Your journey is all about YOU and you wanting to be the best version of you there is... Clearer skin, more energy, feeling more confident in clothes are all things to enjoy plus years longer to wreck heads in the old folks home! 

So don't look at it as a journey with a deadline... being the best version of you is something you'll want to do for life... x

100 days to the big 'C'...

CHRISTMAS.... there you are, I've said it! Not my favourite time of the year to be honest, I'm a new Years Eve kinda gal... I like the Christmas lark to be over on the 26th of December! Pretty sure the Christmas fairies would kill me if they knew my tree was down and back in the attic by the 27th! CHRISTMAS! 100 days from today we'll be staring at the turkey wondering how we're gonna stuff it with roasties and then stuff it in our gobs!

100 days to stay on track or maybe even give yourself 5 days out of every 7 to stay on plan... Maybe it's a promise to exercise for 20 mins every day, or you'll drink 2 litres of water everyday and you reward yourself with a bit of bling! (Dealz people DEALZ!) No one is perfect, no one! We all stumble, have mad binges and melt downs but consistency is the key... baby steps over and over will get you there...

I regularly post this chart on here... I'm a BIG fan of countdowns and bling as they say and this really helps me to stay on track... It doesn't matter what plan you're doing, it's just a way to see how well you're doing, on the days you think that its all a big waste of time and energy! If you're honest with yourself, you can see the days you struggle with (hello Sunday evenings!) and try to work out how to get around them... Now we'll say no more about the big 'C' till the end of November... Halloween anyone!?

*ding ding* Round 2!

Week 2 of the 'Ready-to-Rumble' challenge done! 
The amazing John Q lost 4lbs this week! FOUR! Awesome! 

After a big loss last week, I wasn't expecting to be down at all if I'm honest, 
normally those weeks mean I stay the same but I'll take the 1.5lbs thank you very much! 
This brings our combined total loss so far in the challenge to 14lbs / 1 stone / 6.3kg! 

We've coughed up our weekly pledges... head over to the Charity page >>> HERE <<< if you'd like to donate to Breast Cancer Ireland on behalf of our lovely friend Catherine! Every penny helps and we all know someone facing that challenge today! 

Don't forget Cathy's Cheerleaders are training away... over 100 people have joined their mini marathon walk/jog/run/giggle now! 100!  You can support them over >>> HERE <<< with a cheer of encouragement! 

It's so good to see loads of people doing this with their best pals, I've had lots of messages and people tagging me in their charts! It's a great motivation to kick someone else's ass even every second week! Round 2 to JQ bring on Round three! Have a great week everyone! 


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