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Halo Top Platinum range!

Just cause it's cold outside doesn't mean there's no ice cream on the premises people! These are a few of the platinum range from Halo Top with a bit of added sparkle on the packaging! Might be one for the freezer over Christmas. 

Halo Top Platinum Series Vanilla Crunch
per 80ml ice cream - 8SP

Halo Top Platinum Series Salted Caramel Swirl
per 80ml ice cream - 9SP

Halo Top Platinum Series Cookies & Cream
per 80ml ice cream - 8SP

Halo Top Platinum Series Space Candy
per 100ml ice cream - 7SP
per 473ml tub - 34SP

Aero Chocolate Mousse Snack

Spotted this in the fridge section in Dunnes! (Near the yoghurt). If you're an Aero fan this would probably be a nice dessert over Christmas if you're looking for something to replace the mince pies or trifle? 

Nestle Aero Chocolate Mousse Snack, 30g bar - 6SP

Boosting Beef Bone Broth from Sadie's Kitchen!

I'm a big fan of broths and homemade stock, it makes all the difference when you're cooking and even just to heat some up when you're feeling miserable makes all the difference, comfort food at it's best! 
Sadie's Kitchen is a brand I've posted about on here before and this is something I've not seen before... Perfect for this time of year and if you're getting the sniffles nothing better for you, full of goodness... Anyone tried out this beef version? x

Sadie's Kitchen - Boosting Beef Bone Broth
350ml pack - 2SP

Plant Kitchen Hazelnut Spread!

One for the Veggie/Vegan followers... this is the hazelnut chocolate spread (Nutella) from M&S...
Anyone tried it out? x

Plant Kitchen Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
per 15g portion - 4SP
per 30g portion - 7SP

Muller Light Limited Edition!!

Lads the Muller Light G&T flavoured pots have eluded me! They're not in any Tesco I've been in and I've gone out of my way to find them but I did spot this limited edition one on my travels... Now I'm not a mince pie fan at all but I thought I'd share it for the festive folk on here... Anyone tried it out?

Muller Light Mince Pie flavour yoghurt
per 160g pot - 3SP

These aren't just any crisps... these are NOTIONS crisps!

I'm a big M&S fan... it's a lovely treat to get dinner in there some evenings and I always pick up some goodies for my freezer when I'm there... I'm not a fan of Christmas... but these might soften the blow of the silly season! Crisps with the ultimate notions! If you're out and about at a party and the neighbours are showing off, you've already seen them! Of course they're not SP friendly but would you be able for yourself... Sure it's the season isn't it?!? 

M&S The Collection - Parmesan & Prosciutto Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S The Collection - Black Truffle & Olive Oil Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S The Collection - Manchego Cheese & Chilli Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S The Collection - Beef Wellington Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S The Collection - Winter Berries & Sparkling Prosecco Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S - Tortilla Stars
per 30g portion - 5SP

M&S - Turkey Feast Crisps
per 30g portion - 5SP

Ready made mash from M&S

Sometimes you don't have the time to go boiling veggies and mashing 'em up... and to me, mash is one of the best comfort foods around! More supermarket chains have their own brand of mash out there and I spotted these in M&S... SPs for 100g and the full tub... 

Anyone tried them out?

Cook with M&S - Cauliflower Mash
per 100g - 2SP
per 280g - 5SP

Cook with M&S - Smoky Red Pepper & Carrot Mash
per 100g - 2SP
per 300g - 6SP

Cook with M&S - Pea & Mint Mash
per 100g - 3SP
per 300g - 8SP

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