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Walk away...

Giving up in life is WAY too easy... I've been on the plateau now in Weight watchers for a while now... losing and gaining the same five pounds over and over... I've thought about giving up and taking a break from it all... I've even talked to my leader and friends in class about it, but I've been trying to lose this weight for YEARS, and every single time I have failed because I just walked away... 

It wasn't for me.. 

It's too hard... 

It doesn't matter anyway because no matter what I do I'll just fail anyway... 

I'll always be the fat friend... 

I'll always eat my sadness away...

What's the point? 

When I started Weight Watchers this time... I promised my leader, no matter what, I wouldn't miss a class... and I haven't... I've sat in class holding back the tears... I've sat in the car outside planning my escape before I even set foot in the door... But each week I give myself a good talking to...
You would think I'd be a better snap chatter because I talk to myself so much really!? 

Just go in... 

Face the music... 

It's not the end of the world... 

No one is going to judge me... 

It's OK to have a bad week, month, 6 months, year... 

It's OK to start again... 

You know what, I've left every meeting feeling SO much better, with a clean slate and heaps of motivation! Feeling especially stupid for the 15 minute melt down in my head before hand! 

Those little decisions every week to stick with it, walk through the door, pick up a new tracker and keep going are the ones that have got me here, over half way to my goal... walking away means you're walking away from your goal, walking away from a happier you! Who walks away from happiness!?

The further away you walk, 
the longer journey you have to get back to where you are right now... 

So this week, don't listen to the little devil on your shoulder telling you to 'not bother and go back next week, next month'... start right now, we can do it!


Lets face it sauces are the way forward... Spices and sauces are what makes the boring old veggies and chicken breasts a little bit more exciting!  Sometimes you only need a drizzle to make all the difference to a wrap or slice of ham! You can use them as marinades for your proteins, dips if you're going the picky food route or just dollop them on your lunch! Drizzle some of the Smoky Chipotle over a poached egg and you'll never feel the same way about poached eggs again! 

I spotted these in Tesco... I'm still eternally hopeful the BBQ will get another use this year! *SIGH*

Anyone tried them out? 


Hellman's American Smokey BBQ sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 2SP
per 200ml bottle - 16SP

Hellman's Brazilian Spicy Churrasco sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 1SP
per 200ml bottle - 9SP

Hellman's Australian Sweet Grill sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 2SP
per 200ml bottle - 13SP

Hellman's Japanese sticky yakiniku sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 2SP
per 200 ml bottle - 13SP

Hellman's Smoky Chipotle sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 1 SP
per 210ml bottle - 8SP

Hellman's Fruity Habanero sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 1SP
per 210ml bottle - 8SP

Hellman's Spicy Harissa sauce 
per 15ml - 1SP
per 30ml - 1SP
per 210ml bottle - 7SP

Dairy free spreads...

I hate avocado... I know, I know... many will unfollow in shock, but I've never really got to grips with the texture of it.. and I've tried the mashing, blending, spreading approaches but in it's natural form it's just not for me... So I really wanted to try the new avocado spread from Low Low when i saw it, hoping it wouldn't result in me pulling THAT face and whinging...  This new spread has all the healthy goodness of avocados without the messy mushy bits... stop judging me! 

Half an avocado is 5SP and a teaspoon of avocado oil is 1SP so it's really good for you and a very healthy oil to add to your diet... as is coconut oil which is all the rage now! Dairy free too!

You can cook and bake with them too, so I'll be trying these out on those new recipes from the WW Sweet cookbook!  Tangent: I'm baking a weekly 'Great British Bake Off' treat from the new WW Sweet cookbook to watch Mary Berry, CANNOT WAIT! (starts tomorrow, set record people!) 
So I'll be trying these out on those recipes too! 

Definitely worth a look at these if you can't say goodbye or really just miss butter... both are really creamy and do the 'melty' thing on toast... Just to compare, 10g of butter - 4SP

Anyone tried them yet?

Low Low coconut Spread per 10g - 2 SP

Low Low avocado spread per 10g - 2 SP

Go the extra mile...

You know when you think 'that's it.. I just can't do anymore... I've nothing left.. I'm knackered...' We're only fit for the couch or bed... well, we THINK we're only fit for the couch or bed! Honestly, there's more in the tank than we realise... When I had my Oprah 'aha' moment, I trusted an army officer, a stranger with my life for a week... I promised him I'd do whatever he told me to and he wouldn't make me do anything that I wasn't capable of... I whinged... I cried... I yelled 'it hurts' a lot... Swiftly followed but 'I don't want to' temper tantrum mode... I was full of it, telling him everything I can't do... but by the end of the week... I realised I was capable of so much more that I ever thought... 

At one point he told me I had to do 100 crunches... I actually laughed at him, which was quickly followed by terror when I realised he wasn't joking... I couldn't do 10 crunches let alone 100... I was super morbidly obese... walking hurt! This fella had officially flipped... Did the army realise they've got a bunch of crazies in there?! But he believed in me, so as far as he was concerned it was going to happen... even if it took all day! He sat on the ground holding my fat ankles, and counted... I kept up the 'I can't do it... it hurts...' until I got to 55... FIFTY FIVE... and it clicked... not only did I think I could I do it... but I started to believe I was going to do it easily... Yes it hurt but it wasn't life or death pain... most of it was mental torture to be honest! 

Life is all about self belief... he already had faith in me... he knew I had the strength to just get it done but I was letting all the little lazy voices in my head tell me I wasn't able... I wasn't good enough... I did the 100... and cried at the end...  I cried a lot that week to be fair... 

So this week, when you think you can't do something, don't listen to the voice in your head... push yourself that little bit further... because you can! We really can do so much more than we realise... 

Lets rock it this week

Rice & grains from Tesco...

Some new microwavable rices and grains available from Tesco... Handy to have in the cupboard as a back up, when life catches you out... throw in lots of veggies, some chicken or prawns, dash of soy sauce and dinner can be ready in a few minutes without ever going near the toaster!
Anyone tried these yet? x

SmartPoints values are for 125g, half of each pack...

Tesco, Thai inspired grains per 125g half pack  - 8SP 

Tesco, Brazilian inspired grains per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Mediterranean inspired grains per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Wheatberries Quinoa & Mung beans per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Pilau Basmati rice per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Wholegrain rice & Quinoa per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Blend of 7 Rice & Grains per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Wholegrain Rice with Haricot beans & Quinoa per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Bulgur wheat, green lentils & barley per 125g half pack  - 6SP 

Tesco, Red & White Quinoa with bulgur wheat per 125g half pack  - 7SP 

Savoury Snack Bites...

One of the clues in the #wwphotoday on Instagram last week was 'Sweet or Savoury' I am most definitely a savoury gal! Crisps and crackers are one of my main trigger foods, lets not get me started on cheese! I can't even walk down the crisps aisle in the supermarket if I'm not in a zone or I'll cave! I'm weak! Getting a savoury fix is just as hard as getting a choccie sweet fix! Some bags of crisps are over 20SP, so here's a range from Low Low called Snack bites, they're the little DIY jobs where you add the relish and cheese... great for a fix and perfect for lunch boxes, no mess or carting relish about in mini jars... The cranberry one is definitely my fav! Anyone tried these?


Note: The Cranberry version is a 60g portion

Low Low Snack Bites with mature cheese slices, multi grain toast & caramelised onion chutney, 
per 65g portion - 8SP

Low Low Snack Bites with soft cream cheese, multi grain toast and cranberry relish, 
per 60g portion - 6SP

Low Low Snack Bites with mature cheese slices, multi grain toast & roasted red pepper chutney, 
per 65g portion - 5SP

Low Low Snack Bites with mature cheese slices, multi grain toast & sweet chilli jam, 
per 65g portion - 8SP

Later = Never!

Anyone stuck in the 'I'll wait till...' zone... 

Anyone? Own up! I'm currently not going to my pool because the kids pool is broken and the ankle biters are all in the adult pool till school is back... even typing that sounds stupid!  The pool is open all day and it's not full of kids all day but I'm using it as an excuse to get out of swimming till it's empty again.. ridiculous! 

Excuses are the death of success... and we're all so good at them... a classic excuse is 'it's raining' it's ALWAYS raining here... how are we not used to it!?! As far as I know no one has dissolved in this country yet! 

We can do a lot of damage in 2 weeks, but if we're on holidays and enjoying it then it's all good... but lazin' around waiting for the next 'monday' to pass us by we'll never truly be back on the wagon and that's where the damage gets done! 

I've done this so many times... but this time even when I've been stuck, really stuck, I've not just abandoned ship... not any more because before when I decided I'd wait for the next 'Monday' to come along, I've gained every pound back and more! 

So, take a few baby steps today to just keep yourself afloat until you're back in the driving seat again... x 

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