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Anyone for tennis? Berry season is in full swing and isn't it lovely! With meringues and some creme fraiche or a weight watchers yoghurt, you've got a lovely dessert for a mere 3 or 4 PP!

With the Wimbledom final coming up this weekend, the lovely people at Nudie foods have given me a fab Fruit & Veggie box to giveaway! I know! Remember my post on them a few weeks ago... HERE All the fresh seasonal goodness delivered to your door!

So how do you enter... well the giveaway is on my facebook page HERE so hop on over and have a go... only condition is the prize can only be delivered in the Dublin area... Don't worry I have another giveaway next week for those based outside Dublin but if you know someone in Dublin or fancy giving it away as a gift to someone based in Dublin, off to Facebook with you... 

Names will go in the hat and the winner will be announced on Facebook this Sunday the 12th of July at 5pm! 

Good luck!

Failure... #motivationMonday

If someone is claiming they lost ALL their weight and found it SO easy and did it in 2 weeks... THEY. ARE. LYING. We all learn from our mistakes, and it makes it all the sweeter when you realise that all the hard work, the let downs and tumbles really count! I don't know anyone who has had it easy... I don't know anyone who hasn't fallen into the chipper and eaten everything in sight... I don't know anyone who hasn't felt miserable because they were up at the scales, when in their hearts they know they shouldn't have been and felt like throwing the towel in... but 'failing' is just another word for 'learning'... All the little successes add up to who we are and where we are in our journey and it is a journey... no one loses weight over night... it takes patience and time, trial and error... You are the sum of all these things and just think, would you really want to be back at the start line? x

'B' - #xmascountdown

25 weeks to Xmas eve... I know you're shouting 'SHADDUP DOLL!' but honestly putting in a little work now will make it all the sweeter when the winter has caught up with us and we're cold, wet and miserable!

This week... 'B'... the most important thing is your BMI... yup... it's important... and it's the main reason we are all losing weight... sure, there's frocks and bikinis hanging up in wardrobes we'd all love to fit into again... and Cousin Maura's wedding will be a fashion extravaganza and you don't want to be the 'fat' cousin again... bless... but it's all about being healthier... sure there are people who run 10k in the morning and eat cardboard for breakfast and good for them... but I would be miserable if I couldn't enjoy life... but if we wanna stay here for as long as we can, then getting your BMI into a safe zone is SO important... you can only do that by eating well and exercising.. I know.. common sense eh? 

There is a formula to working out your BMI, you'll find it  HERE

or you can just google BMI chart and 100s like this one will pop up... a healthy BMI is 25... that's what everyone should be aiming for... 

Body image is also important... how you speak to yourself and about yourself will determine whether you will succeed or not... honestly... stand in front of the mirror this week and say something nice to you! Compliment you... it's so easy to pick out our faults and there's plenty of people who are only to happy to oblige and tell us them too... but be kinder to yourself... you only have one body and it's getting you though life... so be nicer to it... fill it with water and healthy foods and lash on some fancy moisturiser... paint your nails... treat it well and it will reward you ... you'll have more energy... you'll feel better about you.. and the first compliment will make you feel on top of the world... so tonight before bed... say something nice to it! 


Blogs... if you want to keep on track.. then read a blog overnight.. I follow so many it's not even funny but I guarantee that at some point you will read something that will click with you.. or will make you feel like you're not going mad... a recipe will pop up and you'll get your bum into gear.. so seek them out... there's so many great ones out there...

Butternut squash chips are the bees knees! I always send people to fellow blogger Jwacqui's vlog cause it's so simple and it's SO good.. I add paprika and chilli salt to mine and they ROCK!

Beans - French, Runner or green not the tinned ones! 
Brussel Sprouts
Butternut Squash
Bay leaves
Bicarbonate of soda
Baking powder - 1tsp

M&S rice portions

Microwave rice from M&S... Watch the portion sizes on these... some bags are single portions some are for two! The ProPoints for the full packs are listed too x

Long grain and Wild rice 130g serve - 6PP

Long grain rice 125g serv (half the packet) - 5PP
Full pack - 11PP

Basmati rice 125g serv (half the packet) - 6PP
Full pack - 11PP

Wholegrain rice 125g serve (half the packet) - 5PP
Full pack - 10PP

You matter... x

Don't ever think that it doesn't... when you realise how important this is it will be like a light bulb going off in your head! You matter... to you... and everyone who loves you.. and they deserve the best version of you that you can be... and to be happy, you need to be the best version of you for you! x

July #WWPhotoAday

Lots of FAB pics on Instagram at the moment using the #WWPhotoAday and now hello JULY! Now no slacking for the holidays... even if you don't use Instagram it's worth a look even just to have a good nosey at what everyone else is up to! Hopefully we'll get some sunny pics this month too! Can't wait! x

The Greenery - Brunch Club

The Greenery is right across the road from the Rugby Club in Donnybrook.... coinkydink that I landed there as couple of weeks ago with Brunch Club?! It is a lovely little spot... Firstly it opens earlier than anywhere else at the weekend with a 9.30am start which I LOVE... I hate waiting all morning after my swim to get fed at noon somewhere in town! There's another one in Portobello which is on the list to check out but here's how it went down in Donnybrook...

The menu is long with a great selection... 

and even on a dull day the place is flooded with light... 

The decor is simple and clean with some lovely artwork on the walls for pops of colour... 

The coffee was GOOOOOOOOOD! 

The tea drinkers got a big pot to share... 

and the lattes were made with lurve... 

There's plenty of comfy seats... 
See what I mean about the light... and it was a dull day when we were there... 
Now the food... 

The Irish breakfast arrived like so... with a choice of how you wanted your eggs cooked.. 

and being a creature of habit Eggs Benedict all the way for me...
and the hollandaise was one of the best I've had! 

Runny egg test passed with flying colours.. and yes that is batch bread... *drools* 

Clearly I tried my best... ahem.. 
Apparently it's rude to lick the plates! 

The other fab thing they do, this is for the hungover types
or the 'I've-just-come-from-the-pool-I'm-an-athlete' types... the smoothies! 
Order one from the board or the specials...

It's 9.30am stop looking at the beer! What's wrong with you people?! 

Or you can pick one up off the shelf on the way in or out! 

Supplies for the weekend! 

and just to tempt you at the till... DELICIOUS baked goodies... 

You can bring your fur babies too... they have lovely canopied tables outside! 

Definitely one to check out ... 

You'll find them..
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