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New from ALDI...

I've picked up the beetroot burgers to try them out, I LOVE beetroot! But here's some new goodies in Aldi at the minute that might tempt you! 

The Deli, Baked Beetroot Falafels
per half pack 100g - 5SP
full pack, 200g - 10SP

The Deli, Mediterranean Style Falafels
per half pack 100g - 7SP
full pack, 200g - 15SP

The Deli - Baked Sweet Potato Pakora
per half pack 100g - 7SP
full pack, 200g - 14SP

The Deli - Sweet Potato Burgers with chickpeas, carrot, red pepper & chilli
per 115g burger - 6SP
2 burgers - 11SP

The Deli - Beetroot Burgers with chickpeas, carrot, spinach & spices
per 115g burger - 5SP
2 burgers - 11SP

Look ahead...

Hardest thing to do is to believe in yourself... but even saying it out loud (even when you don't believe it!) can help! Trying to stay positive is so hard and trying to stay motivated all the time is even harder when all you want to do is crawl back into bed and forget about the world until next spring... But if we don't take the time now to try and feel happy by the time spring comes around we'll feel even worse... 

This week, look ahead... sit down and plan some meals, if you struggle with that, then just plan your breakfasts, get them all set and have everything you need for them in the house... every single choice is ours and every good choice counts x

Xmas from Aldi...

I was lucky enough to get invited to the ALDI Christmas launch last week and whilst I was there I took as many pics as I could of the goodies that might cross your path over the next few weeks at parties or in the office or when you're visiting family...  Preparation is the key this season... x

Holly Lane Deep Filled Mince Pies
per 61g pie - 10SP

Heavenly Desserts Black Forest Profiterole Gateau
per 75g portion (one twelfth of the gateau) - 9SP
per 900g (the whole gateau) - 111SP 

Heavenly Desserts Strawberries & Cream Profiterole Gateau
per 78g portion (one twelfth of the gateau) - 10SP
940g gateau (the whole gateau) - 115SP

Bramwells Smooth Cranberry Sauce
per 15g tablespoon - 1SP
30g - 3SP

Bramwells Whole Cranberry Sauce
per 15g tablespoon - 1SP
30g - 3SP

Let's Party Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
Per spring roll, 20g 
1 - 2SP
2 - 3SP
3 - 5SP

Let's Party Pigs in Blankets
Per spring roll, 22g 
1 - 2SP
2 - 3SP
3 - 5SP

Let's Party Mini Chicken Spring Rolls
Per spring roll, 20g 
1 - 2SP
2 - 4SP

3 - 6SP

Let's Party Duck Spring Rolls
Per spring roll, 20g 
1 - 2SP
2 - 4SP
3 - 5SP

Specially Selected Belgian Chocolate Orange
per 113g (1/4 pudding) - 21SP

Specially Selected Toffee  & Pecan Roulade
per 70g portion (1/6th roulade) - 14SP

Specially Selected Rich & fruity Christmas Puddings infused with Brandy
per 100g pudding - 16SP

Specially Selected Banana Caramel Pudding
per 113g (1/4 pudding) - 23SP

Specially Selected Frangipane Mince Pies
per 30g - 9SP

Specially Selected Almond Mince Pies
per 48g tart - 9SP

Specially Selected Assorted Topped Mince Pies
Mincemeat Sundae, 59g - 12SP
Iced Topped Mince Pie, 58g - 11SP
Pecan & hazelnut Mince Pie, 47g - 9SP

Specially Selected Tomato & Chilli Jam
per 15g tablespoon - 2SP
30g - 3SP

Specially Selected Spiced Apple Chutney
per 15g tablespoon - 1SP
30g - 3SP

Sourdough Pizza from LIDL

Spotted in Lidl this week, these are whopper sourdough based pizzas! The recommended portion size is one third of the pizza but because you know & love me and I understand what pizza means to us real people, I've done the SPs for half too! For your strictly, bake off, Xfactor parties... handy and you can top them with your own roasted veggies! Anyone tried them yet?
Note: Each pizza weight is different hence the grams on each one.

Deluxe Spicy Chicken Arrabbiata Sourdough Pizza
per full 560g pizza - 44SP
per half pizza, 280g - 22SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 187g - 15SP

Deluxe Spicy Chargrilled Vegetable & Pesto Sourdough Pizza
per full 600g pizza - 49SP
per half pizza, 300g - 25SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 200g - 16SP

Deluxe Spicy Rostello Ham, Garlic Mushroom & Mascarpone Sourdough Pizza
per full 600g pizza - 50SP
per half pizza, 300g - 25SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 200g - 17SP

Deluxe Spicy Napoli Salami, Piccante Salami, Bacon & Sriracha Drizzle Beetroot Sourdough Pizza
per full 540g pizza - 37SP
per half pizza, 270g - 18SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 180g - 12SP

Deluxe Spicy Italian Schiacciata Salami Sourdough Pizza
per full 560g pizza - 47SP
per half pizza, 280g - 23SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 170g - 12SP

Deluxe Spicy Chicken, Spanish Chorizo & Roquito Pepper Sourdough Pizza
per full 570g pizza - 36SP
per half pizza, 285g - 18SP
per one third (recommended portion size) 180g - 11SP

Tesco Wood Fired Pizzas...

Tesco have brought out a range of pizzas along the lines of the M&S Ultra Thin Pizza range... 
SPs for that range >>> HERE <<<  The SPs below are per pizza which are most definitely for one person! Anyone tried them yet?

Tesco Finest Salami & Artichoke Wood Fired Pizza
per 220g pizza - 16SP

Tesco Finest Goats Curd & Chilli Wood Fired Pizza
per 216g pizza - 13SP

Tesco Finest Chicken Primavera Wood Fired Pizza
per 206g pizza - 15SP

Tesco Finest Buffalo Mozzarella & Basil Pesto Wood Fired Pizza
per 210g pizza - 17SP

Your future is in good hands...

Being sick for the last two weeks had really shown me just how much we have to look after ourselves, properly! The first week of not resting up and doing what I was told only led me to get worse, much worse and I was kicking myself for not listening to my doctor... I suffer from bronchitis nearly every year now and I'm used to inhalers and the annual 2 weeks of no sleep so I should have known better... Yes, I've cabin fever, I got a bit lonely but I'm responsible for my health... me! I'm responsible for my weight loss and feeling happy in my own skin can only happen if I look after myself properly... so this week some self care, a healthy food shop and a lot of fresh air now my lungs are improving... if you see me strolling around Marley gimme a wave! I am going to class this week, not because I want to know what I weigh but because I need to be accountable and if I give myself permission to miss one class, I will most definitely let it slide and give myself many classes off! I need the companionship... nothing like being in a room full of people who understand where you're at, I need the accountability and I get so much out of my class so I stay religiously and if I can't get to mine I always try to make another one! So slowly back on track, final check up on Wednesday with the doctor... cross all fingers and toes please... x

M&S frozen yoghurt

Summer has gone... sigh... but ice cream NEVER goes out of season!

Here's the range of frozen yoghurts from M&S!

Anyone tried them out?


M&S 3% fat Greek Style Yogurt
Raspberry & Blackcurrant Ripple 70g (one fifth of the tub) - 5SP

M&S 3% fat Greek Style Yogurt
Vanilla 70g (one fifth of the tub) - 5SP

M&S 3% fat Greek Style Yogurt
Honey Swirls 70g (one fifth of the tub) - 5SP

M&S Skinny Madagascan Vanilla Iced Dessert
70g - 4SP
60g (one eighth of the tub) - 3SP

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