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Saucy Percy from M&S!

If you're a jelly fan, then you know ALL about my pal Percy!
Well for pancake day he's only gone and got himself his own dessert sauce! 
If the lemon & sugar combo isn't for you, he might be worth a try! 
You'll spot him in M&S! 

M&S Percy Pig dessert sauce
per 15g serve - 3SP

Meat free sausages from Denny!

Meat free sausages from Denny... High soya protein, coconut oil & high fibre...
I spotted these in Tesco! Anyone tried them? x

Denny Meat Free Sausages
SmartPoints for sausages when grilled... 

1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Bubbly Bunny from M&S...

Another bunny in the hood this Easter... Sitting at the M&S check out this time!

M&S Bubbly Bunny
per 23g bunny - 6SP

Shake Shake Fries...

Spotted in the fridge section in my local Tesco... two version of Shake Shake Fries from McCain!
15 mins so handy if you're on the move and just fancy chips... Anyone tried them yet? x

McCain Shake Shake Fries - Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper
per 100g cooked - 9SP
per 150g cooked (half bag) - 13SP

McCain Shake Shake Fries - Smoked Paprika
per 100g cooked - 9SP
per 150g cooked (half bag) - 13SP

Super Soups from M&S!

These big 600g tubs of Super Soups from M&S are perfect for those who don't like making soup or are a bit fed up with the same old thing... Big enough to pick up on a Monday and have throughout the week when you feel like something warm! Anyone tried them? x

M&S Super Soup - Broccoli, Spinach & Pea
100g - 1SP
300g - 3SP
600g - 7SP

M&S Super Soup - Borlotti bean Kale & Tomato
100g - 2SP
300g - 5SP
600g - 11SP

M&S Super Soup - Bean, Lentil & Barley
100g - 1SP
300g - 4SP
600g - 9SP

Walls Honest Chips!

Tried and tested and delicious! Walls Honest Chips, you'll get them in the fridge section in Aldi are proper chipper chips... not bad for the points too! x

Walls Honest Chips
per 100g - 5SP
per 250g (half bag) 13SP

Plant Protein Crunch from Kellogg's

High in fibre and there's a choccie version of the Plant Protein Crunch from Kelloggs... Portion sizes as per pack... Spotted in Supervalu... Anyone tried them out? x 

Kellogg's Plant Protein Crunch - Original
per 45g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Plant Protein Crunch - Dark Chocolate & Coconut
per 45g portion - 7SP

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