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Cali Crisps

Spotted these Cali Crisps in Dunnes last week and took a few quick pics! 
Haven't tried them out yet but they're high protein and some of the flavours sound yummy!
Anyone tried them out yet?

Cali Tijuana, Hot Sauce Flavour 
per 28g bag - 3SP

Cali Thai Town, Thai Sweet Chilli Flavour 
per 28g bag - 3SP

Cali Golden State, Tangy Cheese & Red Onion Flavour 
per 28g bag - 3SP

Cali Tijuana Hot Sauce Flavour 
per 28g bag - 3SP

Gluten free Biccies from ALDI!

Biccies from the Free From Range in Aldi!
Anyone tried them yet?

Free From - Jammie Rings
per 22g biscuit - 4SP
X 2 - 9SP

Free From - Digestives 
per 11g biscuit - 2SP
X 2 - 4SP

Free From - Ginger Cookies
per 18g cookie - 4SP
X 2 - 8SP

Free From - Choc Chip Cookies
per 18g cookie - 4SP
X 2 - 8SP

NUSH Yoghurts...

Dairy Free Almond Milk Yoghurt from NUSH today... Again, these are the kind of yoghurts I'd use in a dessert rather than breakkie... I'm very intrigued about the hibiscus flavour... I might have to go back and indulge! I took these pics in Tesco but I'm sure a quick google will find you a list of stockists! 
Anyone tried them out? x

NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt - Caramel & Hibiscus flavour
per 120g pot - 5SP

NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt - Blueberry flavour
per 120g pot - 4SP

Ethica - Oat Yoghurts

OK, I used to work in marketing so I know all the tricks they use to lure us in with packaging and placement... and sure enough when I saw this I fell for it all...  'OOOOOH pretty packaging... it's vegan, no added sugar... might be worth a look...' Nope... Not for me... If you're vegan it might be right up your street or maybe it would be fab as a dessert/custard kinda thing? Also the SPs worked out the same for every flavour which never happens... Any one tried them out? x

Ethica Oat Yoghurt - Caramel Chia flavour 
per 100g - 6SP
per 400g tub - 24SP

Ethica Oat Yoghurt - Natural Arua flavour 
per 100g - 6SP
per 400g tub - 24SP

Ethica Oat Yoghurt - Coconut Chocolate flavour 
per 100g - 6SP
per 400g tub - 24SP

Chef Tomato ketchup...

I know a few eye roll at these kinda posts but if you're watching your sugar intake or the amount of salt in your diet, it's kinda handy to know there's brands out there who have different versions of products you like! I'm a huge Chef Tomato Sauce, I'd go as far as to say a Chef Sauce Snob! So when I spot these I buy them to have in the cupboard... SmartPoints wise you're not going yo break the back with either ... Anyone else a fan? Can we start a Club? x

AND made in Ireland and you all know how I love to shop local! 

Chef 50% less sugar & 25% less salt Tomato Ketchup
15g - 1SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 2SP

Chef 60% less sugar & 50% less salt Tomato Ketchup with Stevia
15g - 0SP
30g - 1SP
40g - 1SP
45g - 1SP

Goodfellas Pizza Romano

Spotted these in the freezer section recently thought I'd SmartPoint them to see how they worked out... There's a couple more flavours on the Goodfella's website with the nutritional information if these don't rock your boat... x

Goodfella's Pizza Romano
Calabrese Salami & Spicy Sausage
per half pizza - 15SP

Goodfella's Pizza Romano
Chicken Spicy Roquito Pepper & Red Onion
per half pizza - 14SP

Reduced fat multi packs from M&S!

Multi-packs of my favs from M&S are now available in a reduced fat version... The problem I have personally is, I'd need Jason Stathem to fight me to keep the other 5 bags away from me! By the way Jason if you're reading this... that job is available! *swoon* 

M&S Reduced Fat - Cheese Tasters
per 19g bag - 3SP

M&S Reduced Fat - Salt & Vinegar Squares
per 23g bag - 3SP

M&S Reduced Fat - Bacon Rashers
per 18g bag - 2SP

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