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Mattersons Fridge Raiders...

One for the savoury teeth... I spotted these in the 'lunchy' area in a local shop and was intrigued! They're kind of like cold chicken nuggets?! If you've tried them, let me know below what they're like... ProPoints are for the 60g bag...

Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites - Slow roasted 60g bag - 3PP

Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites - Southern fried 60g bag - 3PP

Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites - Spicy Tikka 60g bag - 4PP

Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites - Piri Piri 60g bag - 3PP

Fall or stand?

The only way you can fail at weight loss is by giving up... no matter how bad the weekend was... it doesn't matter how many biccies you had... giving up will just get you right back to where you started! So dust yourself off and get back on track!

Glenisk 'HIGH PROTEIN' yoghurt

New range of 'high protein' yoghurts from Glenisk... I've bought the natural one to try out this week I'll let you know what it's like.. They come in 100g, 150g and 450g tubs...  Anyone else tried them out? x

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Blueberry 150g pot - 2PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Blueberry 100g pot - 2PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Natural 150g pot - 2PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Natural 100g pot - 1PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Natural 150g pot - 3PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Vanilla 100g pot - 2PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Strawberry 150g pot - 3PP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt  - Strawberry 100g pot - 2PP


Also available in 450g tubs...

The other flavours in the range ProPoint like this...

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Rhubarb
2PP per 100g
2PP for 150g

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Mango Passionfruit
2PP per 100g
2PP for 150g

and Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Coconut flavours
2PP per 100g
3PP for 150g

Sophies @ The Dean - Brunch Club

Brunch Club with a view this month... Sophie's is the roof top restaurant at The Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street... just a stroll from Stephens Green... One thing to note, ring first to check availability or book in advance as it's VERY popular at the weekends but so worth it! 

Yes, there are swings at the lift if you have to wait for a bit... I KNOW!

The menu has all the usuals for brunch... including healthy options...

the juices were great and freshly squeezed!

Teas and coffees were ace and refill for the tea pot wasn't a problem... 

You can choose to sit inside and take in the panoramic view of the city or... 

... enjoy the view from the terrace outside... 
lots of heaters out there and blankies to keep the old knees warm! 

Nice to have a sneaky peek at what the chefs are doing too! 

Seats down for the girls... and up for the... well you get the idea! 


But what about the food... well it didn't disappoint... 

I went for the toasted bagel with cream cheese and bacon... unreal! 
and the bagel was the size of a side plate! YUM! 

My pal indulged in the eggs benedict.. 
so I forced myself upon their brekkie to gauge the 
'runniness' of the eggs! perfect even though I wasn't eating it! 

Did I mention there were swings?! 

You can find Sophie's...

Facebook HERE
Twitter HERE
Online HERE

Repeat after me...

Cause you can... That. Is. ALL! 

Southeast Asian Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Another recipe from the Weight Watchers 'Cook It Your Way' book I thought I'd share... 

Firstly lets talk about cauliflower rice... I've been working on liking the stuff now for AGES... I don't like it steamed and mashed at all... but I think I've finally got it to my liking... It's all about adding flavour (makes sense huh?) ... I've added a dash of Worcestershire sauce (it makes it taste a bit 'meaty'), a chicken stock cube and I've fried it in the wok that the chicken was made in so it takes the flavour of the marinade, which can make it 'sticky' ... in my quest for the holy grail of cauli-rice, I came across tonnes of recipes but I wanted mine to look like the Nasi-Goring recipe on the Iron You site... HERE without the coconut oil and fish paste, and you can only get it like that from high heat, soy sauce and flavoured stock... A dash of paprika is another tip, it gives it a smoky flavour... so up the spices and herbs and you won't know the difference! Or just add your normal flavoured rice to this recipe and ProPoint it! Simples...  

How it looks in the book *drools* ... I'm all about the pictures in cook books! 

Whats in it?

6 chicken drumsticks - 18PP  
   Best to weigh them if you can, mine all came in at 3PP each... 
   The recipe says chicken breasts but I had these in the freezer...  
8 tbsp/120 ml of light soy sauce - 3PP  100ml for the marinade, 20ml for the rice
1 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce - 1PP
6 tbsp/90 ml cider vinegar - 1PP  I know cider vinegar is 0PP per tbsp but 90mls is a lot!

Spray oil
4 cloves of garlic sliced
2 onions
2 peppers
600g cauliflower florets
1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Chilli flakes or a chopped chilli

Total ProPoints - 23PP
Total ProPoints per portion - 6PP per portion


Slash the chicken and pop it into a bowl, lunch box etc., that will fit in your fridge... 
Mix the garlic, 100ml of soy sauce, vinegar and a good grinding of black pepper... 
Pop it in the fridge over night... 

I forgot to take a pic of the chicken marinating but do this before you go to bed 
and when you get home from work it'll be perfect to go straight into the pan!! 
It needs 4 hours minimum... 

Stir fry the onions and peppers with a dash of spray oil... 

and add some spice... The chilli sea salt (on the left) is available in most supermarkets and is LOVELY! For those who don't like spicy food it adds just a little bit of heat... 

Transfer the veg into a casserole dish... 

the drain your chicken and brown it in the pan... KEEP the marinade!

Add the chicken to the veg and use half of the marinade left over to deglaze the pan, then pour it into the dish too.. it won't cover the meat but that's OK... Cover the dish and put it in the oven for 45 mins until the chicken is tender...

Wash your cauliflower... 

Chop it into florets and whiz it up in your food processor... Don't OVER whizz it or you'll have cauliflower cous cous not rice! You can use a grater it's just the same... 

Season it with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and paprika... 

and pop it into the pan with the remaining marinade, worchestshire sauce and sweet chilli sauce... up the heat and stir like a demon! DON'T leave it or it will burn... 
trust me I've learned the hard way... I'm here to help!

et voila! 

Check your chicken, the sauce will have reduced down if it's not thick enough, 
take the lid off the dish and pop it back in for 5 - 10 mins whilst it thickens...

Then dish it up... I shredded the meat of the bones and it fed four comfortably!

A new 'fake-away' favourite! 

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