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Skinny Chef Dips!

A new Irish range of dips and pestos spotted in Supervalu! I'm all about buying & supporting local!
Nothing like fresh pesto really is there? Anyone given them a try?

Skinny Chef - Wasabi dip
Up to 45g - 0SP
per 125 ml tub - 1SP

Skinny Chef - Roasted Red Chilli Pepper Dip
per 15g - 1Sp
per 30g - 3SP
per 125ml tub - 11SP

Skinny Chef - Fresh Basil Pesto
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 5SP
per 135g tub - 21SP

Skinny Chef - Red Pesto
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 4SP
per 135g tub - 19SP

Skinny Chef - Wild Garlic Pesto
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 4SP
per 135g tub - 19SP

Every class has got one...

Every class has got one... Lets' call her 'Kate' ... she loses every week, she's nearly at goal and she started 5 mins ago... Bitter much?! Yup! But what we've got to remember is everyone is different... when I joined Weight Watchers (this time around!) I looked at some of the people in the queue and wondered if I was in the wrong group! These people didn't need to be at Weight Watchers! But 7lbs to one person is the same as 70lbs to another... and 7lbs can be just as hard to lose as 70lbs ... Some of the people in that queue had lost loads of weight, they were nearly at goal... what we've got to remember is everyone is different stages of their weight loss journeys... 

Your journey is exactly that YOURS... my journey is mine... Just because someone else is getting closer to goal doesn't mean we're failures... we're on our own path, so lets just support each other!

WEETABIX additions!

Something for the weetabix fans! Two new flavours added to the range! 

Weetabix Additions - Apple & raisin
per 2 biscuits - 5SP

Weetabix Additions - Coconut & raisin
per 2 biscuits - 6SP

Got a dirty past?

So you had a fabliss weekend.. you ate everything that wasn't stationary, you drank Mr. Hendricks dry (and you think Mr. Gordons too!) and the hangover fry up was the best plate of food every produced in history! Delighted for you! I hope the untagging of dodgy pics on Facebook doesn't take all morning! But so what... you had fun, you celebrated, commiserated, laughed and cried and made a few memories along the way... there's two ways of looking at this... you can stage dive off the wagon in spectacular fashion and plough head first into a Supermacs garlic & cheese fries and not darken the door of your class till September when you'll be right back where you started back in January weeping that the plan 'just doesn't work...' OR you can make a cup of tea, get out your meal planner, write a shopping light and get right back on track... there's no point in crying over what's happened... Did you put on a stone on holidays so what! Did you have a ball? Great, but don't let that stop your journey... Get back in the saddle and do it for you x

Let's get twisted!

I know the weather is unpredictable (well in Ireland it is anywya!) but we've got to grab any sunshine that appears whilst we can and bask in it (wearing sunscreen of course!) This weeks SmartPoint Swap is a fav ice cream of mine... Twisters! (Tangle twisters back in my day!)... My love of this ice cream even made it to mani Monday last year! I know... I know... still saving 2SPs for a sweet fix isn't to be sniffed at! Here's to the summer... *crosses finger & toes* x

HB/Walls Regular size Twisters (80ML) - 4SP

HB/Walls mini Twister (50ML) - 2SP

Whirlz from Aldi - 3SP 

Gianni's Ice Blitz ALDI - 4SP

Harvest Moon Hummus

It's 'dippy-salady-eat-outdoors-if-the-weather-behaves' weather and hummus is a popular choice for lots of picnics! This is an Irish range by Harvest Moon, you'll pick them up in Supervalu! Gluten, diary and additive free with no added sugar they're in handy 180g tubs too so you can't go too mad! Most importantly all freshly made! I've tried the Roasted Red Pepper one... LUSH!

 I've included 3 products from their soup range too! 

Harvest Moon hummus - Natural 
per 30g - 3SP
per 180g pot - 15SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Roasted Red Pepper 
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 12SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Basil
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 11SP

Harvest Moon hummus - Sweet potato & coriander 
per 30g - 2SP
per 180g pot - 13SP

Harvest Moon - Fresh pesto
per 30g - 5SP
per 180g pot - 28SP

Harvest Moon - Vegan pesto
per 30g - 6SP
per 170g pot - 34SP
So high because of the nuts... 

Harvest Moon - Walnut & lentil pate
per 30g - 4SP
per 140g pot - 19SP

Harvest Moon - Red Pepper, roasted garlic & basil
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 3SP
per 500ml tub - 5SP

Harvest Moon - Spicy kale & butter bean
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 2SP
per 500ml tub - 4SP

Harvest Moon - Curried parsnip & lentil 
per 100ml - 1SP
per 250ml serv (half pot) - 4SP
per 500ml tub - 7SP

When are you starting?!

Starting tomorrow? Starting again next week? Next Monday? After the communion/wedding/40th birthday/any-event-you-can-use-as-an-excuse-insert-here?!? It's not about setting a start line, it's about just starting! Right now, make a good choice... decide what you're next meal is going to be... then make the next choice a good one... then move on to the next choice... all these decisions add up... and all of them have an effect on your weight loss! Don't wait for something that might never happen... do it now! x 

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