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Straight to Wok!

Easy to throw straight in the wok (the clue's in the name right!), these pouches of noodles are very handy to have in the cupboard when you want to rustle up a quick stir fry...
Smartpoints are per 150g portion x

AMOY, Straight to Wok, udon thick noodles per 150g portion - 5SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, thread fine noodles per 150g - 5SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, ribbon rice noodles per 150g portion - 6SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, Singapore curry noodles per 150g portion - 6SP


Not all spices are created equally, some brands of ready made spice packs are very high in sugar hence high in SmartPoints! These fajita seasoning sachets from Tesco are pretty good value in SP when you're whipping up fajitas in a hurry... Not everyone has the time to make seasoning from scratch, especially with the children heading back to school, fajitas are quick and handy until the routines are back in full swing! Plus everyone love assembling them! Having one of these in the cupboard can make a dinner happen really fast... lots of onions, peppers, courgette, mushrooms, add any zero SmartPoint veggie... lash in your chicken and season away... SmartPoints below is for the full pack which serves 4... x

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, mild
per 30g pack - 5SP

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, medium
per 30g pack - 3SP

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, hot
per 30g pack - 3SP

Trick or Treat - Lidl

A few Halloween posts coming ahead of the 'treat-fest!' 
These are out in Lidl this week... 


Halloween Marshmallows per 275g bag - 52SP

Halloween Marshmallows (chocolate covered ones) 16 per box
per 225g box - 46SP
per 14g mallow - 3SP

Halloween Biscuits with milk chocolate per 150g bag - 29SP

Halloween milk chocolate balls 
per 100g (half bag) - 28SP
per 200g full bag - 57SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - skull - 65g - 19SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - bat - 45g - 12SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - pumpkin - 65g - 19SP

Halloween Tricolour pasta per 40g - 4SP

Balanced For You Pots from M&S

The 'at-your-desk-just-add-water' from the M&S Balanced For You range...
If you were caught on the hop or had to work late,
they wouldn't be the worst thing you could munch on!

Anyone tried them? 

M&S Balanced For You - Chilli con carne with rice
per 340g pot - 10SP

M&S Balanced For You - Chicken & chickpea dahl with brown rice
per 340g pot - 11SP

M&S Balanced For You - Minced beef & barely broth
per 250g pot - 6SP

M&S Balanced For You - Caribbean jerk chicken soup
per 250g pot - 5SP

M&S Balanced For You - Chicken chorizo & bean soup
per 250g pot - 7SP

M&S Balanced For You - Lamb & chickpea soup
per 250g pot - 6SP

Fire & Smoke - On the Go Chicken Chunks!

For the chicken lovers (definitely me!), here's some new individual pots (75g) of pre cooked chicken chunks in three flavours from Henry Denny's Grill! SO handy to have for your lunch bag or just to throw in the fridge for an emergency salad or stir fry, or just eat from the pot as you go!


Fire & Smoke On The Go Chicken Chunks - Sweet Heat, per 75g serv - 1SP

Fire & Smoke On The Go Chicken Chunks - Smokin' BBQ, per 75g serv - 1SP

Fire & Smoke On The Go Chicken Chunks - Fire Grilled, per 75g serv - 1SP

When you woke up this morning...

When you woke up this morning, what did you really think about your journey to being a healthy version of you? Did you have the obligatory 'I'll start again cause it's Monday' moan? Did you jump out of bed half an hour earlier and hit the gym? (fair play if you did!) Did you have a blow out at the weekend? Fall into the chipper on the way home from the match/pub/cinema? Hoover a full Kit Kat watching The Fall? Well if you did, you did and what's done is done... You can't get that time back and you certainly can't change what happened, but you can just 'let it go' as Elsa says and not spoil today with regrets, 'What ifs?' and 'If only...'  Start this morning and every morning with a clean slate... not feeling guilty about how you 'should' have been... it is what it is, and you have the power to grab today by the horns and give it a good shake up! Come on Monday, let's be having you!

October #wwphotoaday challenge!

Yup... OCTOBER! ALREADY! The photo challenge for October is up over on Instagram... join in every day or just do the days you like! It's all about sharing the weightloss love, getting some tips and tricks and having a good nosy at what everyone else does! Just use the hashtag #wwphotoaday and you'll be in fabulous company! 

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