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Veggie Jelly!

Something to consider if you've got vegetarians at home or visiting over the festive season, M&S have this lovely jelly terrine in their Plant Kitchen range... just add you're whipped cream, ice cream or eat it out of the packet but it's a handy one to have in the fridge cause no one needs the hassle of making veggie jelly this year! I know I'm pretty lucky, M&S has literally been my local supermarket during lockdown with a nice big Tesco on the top floor of the shopping centre but if you make the break for some Christmas goodies, their Plant Kitchen Range is super good whether you're a vegetarian or not, the pop corn cauliflower is a standard in my house! So good! x

Plant Kitchen - Raspberry Jelly Terrine
per 75g serving - 2SP
550g jelly - 17SP

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