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Flavoured cauliflower rice...

Love it or loathe it, there's plenty of versions of it about... It really is the Marmite of veggies! I'm a fan of the cauliflower rice, especially when I'm running low on points but I prefer to make it fresh and add ALL the flavours to it... it's so easy to make and egg fried rice with the frozen cauliflower rice, add some soy sauce, sweet chilli, chinese 5 spice and your protein is just gorgeous and so filling... I find the flavoured ones in packs are WAY better than the plain versions, I've actually binned a plain one straight after opening it... This brand is new to me though, I haven't tried it yet but will report back, Fullgreen riced cauliflower with tomato, garlic and herbs... Anyone tried it out? x

Fullgreen riced cauliflower with tomato, garlic and herbs... 
per 100g (half pack)  - 1SP
per 200g (full pack) - 3SP

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