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Go Go's!

Gorgeous Goodness! These are handy snack packs I spotted in Tesco last week... I know a lot of readers love having these handy packs in the car or gym bag... I also have a lot of followers who are on a lot of SmartPoints now and struggle to eat them, these might just fill in the gap with nuts and dried fruit... I haven't tried them but do take note the different pack sizes... Anyone tried them yet? 

Go Go's Protein Power, a mix of beans, cheese and chorizo bites per 70g snack pack - 10SP

Go Go's Oat-Tastic mix of beans, cheese bites and fruity flapjacks, per 55g snack pack - 8SP

Go Go's Full Of Beans mix of beans, cheese bites 
and chocolate covered beans with pretzels, per 55g snack pack - 8SP

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