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Fruity Cocktails from M&S!

Everyone knows I love a good cocktail! If you looking for a 'cocktail' style dessert without the hangover, M&S have a range out of fruity flavoured cocktail inspired fruit salads! 

These would also be nice if you have any gal pals expecting a baby... 
it's the cocktail factor without the rum! 

It's basically a fresh fruit salad with a cocktail flavoured dressing, that you go all Tom Cruise over! 
Still waiting on the heatwave but turn up the heating and put on your flip flops and we'll feel like we're in Club Tropicana! 

Note: The weights are all different but I've SP'd them per pot! 
One is double the SPs of the other two so be careful! 

Spirit of Summer Strawberry & Raspberry Daiquiri Mocktail Shaker per 195g pot - 5 SP

Spirit of Summer Mojito Mocktail Shaker per 230g pot - 5SP

Spirit of Summer Pina Colada Mocktail Shaker per 220g pot - 10SP

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