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Oh flip...

It's happening, it's happening on Tuesday... 
and here's some ready mixes you'll see on the shelves over the next few days,
brace yourselves... 

Sowan's Spelt Pancake Mix, 250g pack - 23SP
Per 40g serve made with eggs and whole milk - 1SP

Pure Bred Bakery Pancake mix, gluten & wheat free, per 140g pack - 20SP
You just add water to this mix... 

Oldies Perfect Pancake Flour per 250g (half pack) - 24SP
You need to add eggs and milk to this mix... 

Odlums Crepe Style Pancake Mix, per 250g tub - 32SP
You need to add milk to this mix... 

Oldies American Style Pancakes per 300g tub - 44SP
I KNOW!!! 
You need to add milk to this mix...

Odlums Gluten Free Pancake Mix, per 175g tub - 19SP
You need to add milk to this mix... 

Home Cook Pancake mix per 400g mix - 14SP

Gilbert American Ready Made Pancakes, for 400g, 8 pancakes - 64SP
NOT A TYPO!!!! I checked these 20 times! Run away! 

Galbert Large Ready Made Pancakes for 540g, 8 pancakes - 38SP

Galberts Mini Pancakes, per 300g bag - 37SP


  1. Thanks Doll
    Will now point if I make a batter or use the banana pancake recipe for my pancakes. Either way, Pancske Tuesday can't be avoided and with a little thought can also be enjoyed. My weigh in on Wednesday morning and that's enough to keep me on track.

  2. Thanks skinnydoll😘 for taking the guesswork out,love your page,keep up the great work !


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