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DUST anyone?! DUST?!?

We all know that episode of 'fat fighters' on Little Britian when 'Marjory' lists one of the low point foods as DUST! Well I've found the product in question and dear lord.. dust looks rather good! They are neither crisp nor popcorn and original is the only 'flavour' (lets use that term loosely) that I am aware of...

PLUS all that air you pay for in crisp bags, these are even worse I HAD to take a pic to show you! Now I think I understand how guys feel about push up bras...

Just go and have a packet of crisps or a bag of popcorn and DO NOT torture yourself with these! 

2PP per bag.. 


  1. Ah jaysus! Good spot though! Will avoid buying them as a treat

    1. I ate 1 then threw the rest into the paper recycling!!! Cardboard would taste better... uuurrggghhh! Stick to the Snack-a-jacks!

  2. They look absolutely FOUL. They look like rice cakes made into Doritos, but no flavour? UGH, no thank you!

    What was Tayto thinking?!

  3. Oh they look awful... what little is there of them anyway

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!




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