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Skinny Doll, Skinny Doll where have you been?

 Well I've been to London to visit... some of the gang from Weight Watchers! (I got to pop into Top Shop in Oxford street too but that's for a totally different kinda post!)

Yep.. a new years PR gig hosted by Popcorn PR... where we got to hear the new angle on the program... NO ONE PANIC... there's no change to ProPoints or the plan and all the cookbooks are still the same, praise jebus... it's just the new angle of how we are 'overloaded' with food in our environment and how to cope with it ... 

check out @missweightwatch video to explain it...  

You know the way... all the ads are for food between the soaps and every where you go someone is doing a deal on all the wrong foods, buy one get one free is never a deal on fresh fruit!!  Its making us aware of how toxic our environment is..  walking into a shop and being bombarded with such an array of foods that are just so bad for us... getting petrol and even the petrol pump has an ad on it for highly fattie and high sugar foods...  and how to make better decisions and where to find the willpower to get through it! A tip I got was to record your soaps and fast forward through the ads.. that way when someone is dunking a biccie on the telly you don't start craving one! 

tangent - There's a lady in my class who watches all the soaps and when the ads come on she does step ups on the yellow pages! 

They made us VERY comfy!! 

It was also a chance to taste some of the new products that are coming out in the WW range! As many of you know I'm a make it from scratch kinda gal but the Chilli sauce was delish!!! Highly recommend it.. I'll be reviewing all the new stuff in coming posts... 


The LOVELY leader of the day was Chanelle Will... You'll find her Weight Watchers page on Facebook and she is AMAZING! Losing over 6 stone, she's still living her life and has her fun and she's a stunner!! She inpsired me so much in one afternoon, I can only imagine what her meetings are like.... So much fun meeting her... and all the other bloggers...

We MAY have had some fun.... 

The lovelies @missweightwatch and @mummyratesit 

... people whose blogs I read ALL the time and are my fav tweeters... I was a little star struck to be honest!!! And boy were we spoiled... nails were painted... pretty huh?

... dance offs were had .. and let me tell you some of these bloggers you follow... they've got MOVES!

 Tables full of low Pro Pointed goodies!

All this whilst we were fed with some of the new products that Weight Watchers have brought out (pics below)...  reviews incoming but can i just say the new Chocolate Digestive Biscuits for 1 PP each are yum!

Note: there's 12 in a pack and they're not individually pack but SO yum...

So basically the programme is still the same... but try to become more aware of your environment and prepare yourself when you know you're going to be somewhere that you can't control the foods being served! 

Doll x


  1. Mmm... Can't wait to try out some of the new treats they have! I'm not a fan of jarred sauces either but the bolognese doesn't look half bad if you were stuck for time some evening.

    1. Exactly.. those kind of things are great for the cupboard! If you talk yourself down from the 'take away' high by the time it would arrive the pasta would be done... and you'd feel SO much better for it! x


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