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Love letters....

"There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters... I could be their leader." Charlie Brown

There comes a moment doesn't there.. you get all deep and meaningful... all touchy feely... all sorry for yourself.. you need a little belief... you need to physically see that you can make it... the journey is worth it... and life is to be lived day to day... recently I was chatting to a fellow weight loss pal and when she wants to get things out of her head.. she writes a letter.. to herself... now you might think this the first step to crazy town... but trust me I'm on my second and it kinda works...

Now there are different kinds of letters, some just soul searching, some talking to your 'future' self, and whilst some may think its a lot of mumbo jumbo, it can take all the nonsense floating in your head and get it out of there, and you can be surprised at how you really feel about things, its a good way to vent... all the blogs in the world are testament to that!

Many people write a letter to their 'future' selves... you know.. To Doll 17th January 2013.... what would she say ... 'congrats Doll... you lost 20lbs and finished that online course finally!' which once you write it down... its out there! The experts say its more likely to happen and none of your digital stuff either.. get the pen and paper out, as they say, you're worth it .. seal the envelope and write the opening date on the front! Try it ... who doesn't love a bit of post....

Dear Me,

Try and love yourself for the right reasons, not to fuel your ego but to feed your soul. Trust your family, and set firm boundaries with your friends, always be kind to those who truly love you.

I believe in you, your uniqueness. Things are not as bad as you think they are... embrace how you look... I love the way you dye your hair crazy colours and lip synch every single memorised lyric. How you dance around the kitchen to songs you'd never admit to knowing! Your sense of humour... Its what makes you.. YOU! It's why your friends love you...

Everyone wants a piece of you... they have their own ideas of who you should be... you are an emotional creature, don't fall into that trap... you can't please everyone and more importantly don't put yourself under any pressure to keep them happy! You're in control of your life, satisfy your own imagination, take responsibility for who you are. Learn the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting.

Believe in your abilities - don't be too hard on yourself. There's more to you than weight loss... Don't allow fear and insecurity to take over. try not to fall so deeply in love. You have so much to do in life, so learn how to be happy in your own company, without relying on someone else to fill the void in your heart.

Remember, if you live life well in the present, you will have a beautiful past to look back on.

Love ... Me xxx

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