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re-focus on me!

RE-focus on ME!

Main Entry: focus
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: center of attraction
Synonyms: bull's eye, center, core, cynosure, focal point, headquarters*, heart, hub, limelight, locus, meeting place, nerve center, point of convergence, polestar, seat, spotlight, target
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry: focus
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: aim attention at
Synonyms: adjust, attract, bring out, center, centralize, concenter, concentrate, convene, converge, direct, fasten, fix, fixate, get detail, home in, home in on, hone in, join, key on, knuckle down, meet, move in, pinpoint, pour it on, put, rivet, sharpen, spotlight*, sweat*, zero in, zoom in

CHANGE the mindset and the body will follow!!!

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