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My Best Veggie!

Spotted these in my local LIDL where the lunch stuff usually is... My Best Veggie range!
Anyone tried them? x

My Best Veggie
Spinach & Cheese Veggie Burger
per 100g burger - 7SP

My Best Veggie
per 100g (half pack) - 8SP
per 200g pack - 15SP

Birdseye Veggie Goodies...

These are really handy to have in the freezer whether you're a vegetarian or not... The veggie fingers in a wrap with a load of roasted peppers is a fab lunch!
Anyone tried them?

BirdsEye Veggie Fingers
per 4 fingers, 114g- 7SP

BirdsEye Veggie Quarter Pounders
per quarter pounder, 114g- 7SP

High Protein Sandwiches from M&S!

Anyone else spot these in M&S? High Protein versions of their sandwiches... 
The same sandwich just half the bread! 
Might be of interest to those watching carbs... x

M&S High Protein Roast Chicken & Bacon sandwich 
per pack - 9SP

Skyr Yoghurt Drinks...

Some yoghurt drinks are usually incredibly high in sugar (just look at some of the ones in the supermarket aimed at kids!) but these Fat Free yogurt drinks from SKYR (spotted these in LIDL) are all 1SP each... they can be resealed which makes them handy for lunch boxes or just to have in the car... anyone tried them?

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Blueberry 
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Strawberry 
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Vanilla  
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Strong Roots - Cauliflower Hash Browns

Spotted these in the freezers in SuperValu from Strong Roots - Cauliflower Hash Browns... 
I love cauliflower rice and I think that's because I add so much flavour to my stir fries I need it to dial it back a bit... Haven't tried these yet? Anyone?

Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns
per 2 hash browns (80g) oven cooked - 5SP

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt

You'll have seen these on the shelf in most supermarkets by now... If you've missed breakfast or haven't anything prepared the berry one is really nice! SmartPoints for the 170g pot combined... 

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt
Granola, Seeds & Mixed Berries flavour
per 170g serving - 8SP 

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt
Granola, Seeds, Coconut & Dark Chocolate flavour 
per 170g serving - 8SP 

Plant Kitchen M&S

A few of the goodies from the Plant Kitchen vegan range in M&S today... 
Anyone tried them out? x 

M&S Plant Kitchen - No Meat Meatballs
per 135g half pack - 7SP
per 270g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Asian Supergrains
per 350g pack - 15SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Lasagne
per 200g half pack - 6SP
per 400g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Cashew Mac
per 175g half pack - 8SP
per 350g pack - 16SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Dirty fries
per 200g half pack - 9SP
per 400g pack - 17SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Cauliflower popcorn
per 113g half pack - 7SP
per 225g pack - 14SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Sweet Potato Falafels
per 265g pack - 21SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Green Thai Curry & Jasmine Rice
per 400g pack - 21SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Sticky Teriyaki Tofu
per 360g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Mexican Style Grains
per 145g half pack - 5SP
per 290g pack - 10SP

M&S Plant Kitchen -Mushroom Pie
per 200g pie - 6SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - No Pork Sausoyges per 45g sausage
1 - 2SP
x2 - 3SP
x3 - 5SP

The Village Bakery Wraps...

Wraps from The Village Bakery in Aldi... I love wraps for my lunchtime, especially toasted in a dry pan! The mini ones might be good for baking as tortillas! 
Anyone tried them yet?

The Village Bakery Mini Original Wraps
per 31g wrap - 3SP

The Village Bakery - Super Soft Corn Wraps
per 64g wrap - 6SP

The Village Bakery - Super Soft Sweet Chilli Wraps
per 64g wrap - 6SP

Healthy Co. Toppings!

There's a couple more flavours of this brand around but these were the ones in my local Lidl! I picked up the toffee one, cause you know my love for toffee flavour stuff in my porridge so I'll keep you posted on how that goes! Anyone else tried them out yet?

Healthy Co. No added sugar - Toffee Topping
per 10g - 1SP
per 20g - 2SPs
per 30g - 3SPs

Healthy Co. No added sugar - Chocolate Topping
per 10g - 1SP
per 20g - 2SPs
per 30g - 2SPs

Healthy Co. No added sugar - Strawberry Topping
per 10g - 0SP
per 20g - 1SP
per 30g - 1SP

Rosie & Jim Gluten Free Range...

It's the weekend and everyone is getting something from the chipper... by the time they get back you could have you're southern fried chicken ready to go... I'm sure someone will message me a recipe on how to do this yourself at home for way less points but if the will power is weak and the freezer is empty then you could do WAY more damage than just being one step ahead of yourself! Rosie & Jim do a gluten free range that I spotted in SuperValu... nothing is off the menu with SmartPoints so you can spend 6SP on your battered chicken and the rest of proper chipper chips and enjoy every bite! 
Anyone tried it yet?

Rosie & Jim Southern Fried Goujons
per 125g portion - 6SP

Rosie & Jim Battered Chicken Chunks
per 125g portion - 6SP

Rosie & Jim Southern Fried Chicken Fillets
per 125g portion - 6SP

Baxter’s Deli Toppers!

Summer salads on the way people! Time to add all the flavour to the heads of lettuce coming our way! 
Deli Toppers spotted these in Tesco might be worth a look if pickles are your thing... I'm a massive beetroot fan so these are right up my street! The SPs are for 30g. Anyone give them a try yet?

Baxters Red Slaw per 30g serv - 2SP

Baxters Spicy Slaw per 30g serv - 1SP

Aldi - One Pots

These are the new One Pot ready meals you'll spot in Aldi near the sandwiches and lunch salads... 
At 380g you could definitely split these and bulk it up with loads of 0Sp veggies and get two lunches out of one!

One Pot - Brazilian Style Black Bean Stew with Tomato, Cashew & Quinoa
per 380g pot - 14SP

One Pot - Red Thai Style Vegetable Curry with brown rice
per 380g pot - 12SP

One Pot - Indonesian Style Curry with Coconut & Cauliflower
per 380g pot - 14SP

One Pot - Squash, Spinach & Lentil Hotpot
per 380g pot - 14SP

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